My life with triplet boys that were born via donor eggs.

Friday, May 11, 2007

A swing built for two?

Spence and Ollie share a swing.

I have a friend who is having twins, hopefully on Tuesday by scheduled c section. Hopefully, because she is going crazy and is tired of having her body being taken over by foreign invaders. She will be 36 weeks on Sunday. Oh how I wish I could have gotten to 36 weeks. 27 will be a number that I will always have in the back of my mind. Well to be exact it was 27 weeks 3 days. I had no idea how my dream pregnancy would turn out to be so different that what I expected. I didnt know anything about NICU, PDA, CO2 levels, vents, cpap, 27 calorie formula, reflux. I really dont want to know as much as I do now, but I cant change anything. No matter how hard I try. I guess I really cant complain things did turn out pretty good. All the boys are thriving and may be a little behind developmentally but that can be worked with.
My friend is having a aminocentisis on Monday to assess the babies lung development. So she is hoping for a number above 50. I had no idea what she was talking about but went with it. Later Dh told me that they are measuring the Sufractant in their lungs. Oh thats another thing I had no idea about. I have been talking with her daily about what can happen but putting a good spin on it. For instance, if the babies have to stay in the hopsital for something minor like being under a bili light. Big deal! Enjoy the few extra days, get pumping and get some sleep. I know she will be disappointed if the girls need to stay in uteuro past Tuesday but I know that it would be for the best. I really dont want her to know about the terms that I brought up a little farther up the page. Those things are not fun.

The boys are doing well. Spencer is finally crawling forward but cautiously. Ian is all over the place. Oliver is crawling backwards!! He is all over the place. The other day I found him in the hallway with his feet up on the wall singing him to himself. If he gets too far he usually cries and I go get him. The boys like Shrek and 101 Dalmations. Which is good for me because I am getting kinda tired of Baby Einstein and Lady and the Tramp. They seem to be playing more with toys and not really paying attention to the tv which is great. There were times when I had to have something running constantly to keep them from revolting.

The boys had their first trip to the park. Yes, I know they dont have hats on but were slathered down in sunscreen. They loved the swings. It was a pretty warm day so we didnt stay long. Here are some pics to enjoy.


Ian having fun!


Karen said...

Your boys are so cute! Glad to see that they are all growing and progressing well.

ReD said...

Look at all those smiles! I just can't over how cute they are. Anyway I graduate on saturday! Hope to see you at the party.

ReD said...

Happy belated mother's day!

Crabmommy said...

Thought I'd stop by since you did the same for me at Crabmommy. Thanks you. Please do return. Adorable kids you have. Congrats said...

What cuties!