My life with triplet boys that were born via donor eggs.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Babies in Straight Jackets

September 2006
This is one of my favorite pictures of the boys. They loved to be swaddled. I wish I could swaddle them now but they are much to big and strong to be held down by some flimsy blanket.
Everyone has a cold. Ian has an ear infection on top of it. I would say that he is on the mend as well as Oliver. Spencer is the one who got it last and is now suffering the most. DH and I both got it.
Work continues in the basement. This weekend a friend of ours came over and put in some new ducts so we would have air conditioning down there. Today I taped and mudded the dry wall. Everyone kept saying how hard it was and how they hated doing it. I, actually, dont mind doing it. Its kinda like icing a cake and I love to bake so its right up my alley. Tomorrow I will sand and then remud and then again on Tuesday. The FIL wanted to be here to show me how to do it, and as I thought its really not rocket science. He wasnt here and things went smoothly. The MIL was here watching the boys much to my dismay. Ollie puked on her. She claims that he was coughing and it came up. DH and I know better. He was the first up after the nap and she was bouncing him and then it happened. I dont think that woman will ever learn. I am very hostile to her and I find that this works for me. I dont ask questions and dont make small talk. Its better that way. Its funny she asks DH if I am mad at her when I am nice to her not whenever I am cold and pretty much down right rude. Strange but hey whatever floats her boat!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Formula Countdown

As you can see at the top of the page there is a count down for the end of formula! I cant wait to be done with it. I swear we have spent so much money. I am actually afraid to try to calculate it because it would be mind boggling. People always want to know how much formula we go through, how many diapers a day we go through, etc. So here it is. I mix a whole can of Enfacare preemie formula every morning. It makes around 86 oz. Some days we go through the whole thing, some days there is a little left over in case of a midnight snack. I have to say that Enfamil has a great program for multiples and they sent us 9 cases of free stuff, thats like $250 worth of formula. Which took 18 days to use. Now the diaper thing I dont really keep track of for the same reason. We buy our diapers by the case from Sams Club. Dh and I purchase 3-4 cases a month and sometimes Grandma and Great Grandma will bring us some. Which really help out. If I am done to one case I kinda start freaking out, which is so silly. I have to have my stockpile!!

I have been shopping around to see how much whole milk is going to cost. Walmart seems to be the cheapest by at least 80 cents. And it just so happens that a Super Duper Walmart just opened in my town last week. I really hate to leave my nice comfortable supermarket for Wally World but when it comes to feeding three, wait slash that, four hungry boys (DH included) it makes the most sense for the money. Plus, Yo Baby yogurt is $1.55 cents cheaper there than my much loved supermarket. I dont really like shopping there because it is a free for all but I found that by going at off hours, like late at night, it is much more pleasant. But for the life of me I cant understand why people have their small kids out at 11pm and hanging out at Walmart. Some probably dont have a choice, I know, but it just seems strange to me. Why arent these kids on some sort of schedule? That being said, we are on sort of a schedule. The only two things that are a sure thing during the day is naptime and bedtime. Feedings times vary throughout the day but are three hours apart depending on when they get up. They do get lots of little snacks inbetween mealtimes. Bedtime is always 8pm whether they are ready or not. Cause God knows that I am ready!!! :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Much better

Ollie and Great Aunt Laura
Ok so the fitness yoga class really did help. I am so sore but thats a good thing. I cant wait until Tuesday so I can go again. Hopefully I wont be so stiff next time. :)

Tonight DH and I took the boys to see Great Grandma and her sister, Great Aunt Laura before she left to return to Phoenix tomorrow. Aunt Laura is great. She is 93, still has cocktail hour, just recently sold her golf cart although still plays everyday, and is an all around wonderful woman. Its so funny to see two sisters in their late eighties and early nineties still bickering about things that happened when they were much younger. It makes me miss my sister who lives in Colorado. The boys had a great time and Ollie and Spencer went right down when we got home but Ian didnt want to go to sleep. Ugh. Normally he falls asleep on the ride home but everyone was carrying on and talking. At 9:30 I decided that we would go for another ride to see if he would go to sleep. I have never done this before and dont want to make a habit out of it but it worked!! He fell asleep quickly and is now comfy in his bed.

I am off to bed myself.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Yoga Class Part Deux

I just got back. I really missed the feeling of being centered and peace with yoga. Not to say that the class didnt kick my fat behind, but it was a good ass kicking. :)

I think that is what I needed. Hopefully I will be able to move tomorrow without too much pain. Plus hanging out with my good friend Julia is always a good thing. I havent laughed that hard in a long time.

Ian in Baby Prison

Yoga class

Tonight I am going to my first yoga class. I havent been in a year. I cant wait!!

Monday, June 4, 2007

House of Whiners

Ok, so I am the head whiner. I am bitchy and not exactly sure why. The boys are also bitchy. I cant seem to make them happy no matter how hard I try. I guess the saying is true, that if Mom's not happy no one is happy.

Spencer came down with a cold and it seems to creeped over to Ollie, Ian and myself. Maybe thats why we are all crabby? Hmmm sounds like a good reason but I think it runs deeper than that. I really think that we are all bored. I know I am. The basement is under construction and the new playroom is on its way. Which is a good thing. I hope that DH can find a laptop for me so I wont be cutoff from my internet addiction. The boys have lots of toys down there and have to remain down there as the living room is way to crowded for anything else to be added. The boys are all teething and thats probably adding to their whineyness.

Motherhood feels so lonely. I didnt know it was going to be like this. I feel so cut off from my former life. Is this how everyone feels or is it just me? Dont get me wrong, I love my boys with all my being, but it just doesnt feel like I exist anymore. Where is that fun, witty, overly sarcastic person that I once was? Will she ever return?

Alright enough whining I have to go make the boys lunch.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

MIL Rant

The MIL is up my ass again for whatever reason. She makes me nuts. I try to ignore her comments but sometimes its so hard. The other day we went to a garage presale, her friend's daughter was having one and told us to come over a few days early to see what we wanted. Fine whatever. We go. She picks out every f-ing toy and has to buy them for her house. I on the other hand pick out a few things that I know they will play with and leave it at that. As the girl was tallying the very large bill, the MIL starts looking through the clothing. She pulls out a soccer jersey and says, "DH used to play soccer and loved it." I replied, "I used to play varsity soccer in high school." To which she replied, "oh that doesnt count." Meaning in MIL speak that I dont have anything to due with the boys abilities and that I am just the donor Mom. F-ing bitch. I get so aggravated with her and wanted to call her out right then and there but didnt know how to get out of the neighborhood. I only wish she would make comments like that in front of DH. Yes, I know, I am very sensitive about this issue. I didnt realize that she was going to throw the donor thing in my face every chance she got. What the hell would she have done if we adopted? Then they wouldnt have a genetic link to her. It just kills me. I know I should just ignore her but it seems that this is the root cause of our power struggle. It needs to come out in the open so she can deny it and then realize that I am on to her and so is DH. If it does its going to get ugly.
On a funnier note, on our way to the presale, she had to use GPS. She kept arguing with the GPS saying that wasnt the right way to go. See what I am dealing with.....