My life with triplet boys that were born via donor eggs.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Double Whammy!

I guess I shouldnt have brought it up in my last post. No illness to speak of, yeah right, famous last words. We have all been hit by a cold/gastrointestinal plague. Boys are miserable, so are Mom and Dad. We put the boys to bed a half hour early tonight, hopefully that doesnt come back and bite us in the ass at 3 in the morning. :)

I hope this stuff eases up tomorrow so I can go pick up my knives at Sur La Table. Its especially important to pick them up tomorrow because on Tuesday, the highway that is a direct link, is closing for one year for um...what are they calling it.. oh yeah thats right....highway improvement/reconstruction. I cant decide. I feel so sorry for the people that use that stretch of highway to get to and from work. Its gonna be a bitch to get around St. Louis.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Choo Choo

Ok, sorry if I scared anyone with my last post. I was just so upset by my former ob's comments. I am better now and am not looking back!

The boys are doing great. They had their second Synagis injection last Thursday and DH and I were bracing for the cold that usually follows, but it hasnt shown up!!! Yay!!! This month we had to go to the peds office, because our insurance co. will not allow for home nursing anymore. Whatever! On January 1st we change insurance and hopefully they will let us have home nursing. But from what I hear United Healthcare is kinda stingy. Please, please, please, let them get the shots at home. Its so much easier and they are exposed to less germs here. Now dont get me wrong I know they have to be exposed to germs but not the nasty winter ones in the doctors office. I want to save those for another time...

Christmas was fun. The boys werent really interested in unwrapping the presents but were happy to play with the new toys. DH and I bought them a Choo Choo Wagon from Step 2. If you have mutliples and are sick of your stroller this wagon is the way to go! I know that they made a limited number of these but they are well worth the price. We have a total of 4 cars. All cars have seatbelts and the extra car is to put all the stuff that little boys require when going out. This thing is a lifesaver!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Cute pic but beware lots of ranting

Ollie and Daddy as Santa

Now dont think he was fooled for one minute. He knew that was his Daddy. Tonight was DH's office Christmas party. It was a nice time, sort of, but very hectic as the boys wanted to run free all night. Since DH was playing Santa I had to rely on the kindness of others to help out. Which a few people did and made it bareable for me and I didnt lose it with the boys.

DH works with the ob/gyns that delivered the boys. Their delivery was not handled well and I am still very bitter about it, but I try to put on a nice face and be pleasant. I was fine until my high risk guy stopped me while I was fetching a glass of wine for one of the boy's handlers. He said that he took care of a few more sets of multiples, but that they made it well into 30 weeks unlike me who was noncompliant with medical orders. I looked at him to see if he was joking and then let him have it. Its been 20 months in the making. He just stood there stunned. I told him that all the multiples Mommies talk and that he is not high on the list of docs to go to because he doesnt take things seriously. Plus the fact that he came into my room the day after I delivered the boys and said that if he had been there (he was supposed to be but his wife had a migraine) he would have delivered the boys VAGINALLY!!! 27 weekers vaginally??? I was pissed at the time and told him to get the f&^K out of my room. I'm still pissed a year and a half later. So many things were botched in that delivery. If I hadnt insisted that the 4th year resident come to see me while I was screaming from labor and knew that something was wrong, I think that DH would have delivered Ian right then and there as he was crowning. But no one took me seriously. The 2nd year resident that told me that he could only give me tylenol for pain was there as well. I shot him the stink eye. He pointed over to us and told his companion that he delivered them. I dared him to come over so I could break his leg and offer him tylenol for the pain. Of course I didnt dare him out loud. If he had been close enough he might have left a cripple.

I really thought that I had put that horrific night to bed but when Cowboy Tom, the ob, said that I wasnt compliant I just hit the roof. That was so far from the truth to how seriously I took being the carrier of three babies. He may have been joking but he wasnt laughing when I walked away. I cant believe that he would even suggest that I didnt do everything and anything to keep my babies inside me. My cervix gave out. I started having contractions over a month before the boys were delivered and he didnt take me seriously. I felt like the girl who cried "contraction". I wanted to go on bedrest and he wouldnt agree. I ended up in the women's evaluation unit 6 times with contractions before another doc decided that I was truly having them and it was time for me to get off my feet. By that time my cervix had shortened and the damage had been done. I had asked for a cerclage at 20 weeks but was told that I didnt need one. One of the other triplet Mommies got one, the one who was compliant, and she went to 30 weeks. The Mag could only do so much to stave off delivery.

I truly believe that I have PTSD and when those memories crop up it just sets things off. I really want to leave all that behind me but every once in a while, when it pops up, I get so upset. I know I should just let all this go but its really hard for me. My chest is tight and I am feeling so anxious it scares me. By me pounding on these keys it has helped. I am still upset but letting the world know what happened makes me feel better, well sort of.

On a bright note, we took the boys up to the NICU to visit the nurses before the party. It was so nice to see the nurses and talk. I miss them. They really became family to me during the boys stay. I send pictures all the time and on their first birthday we came in and brought them cupcakes to celebrate. Which was so fitting to be with them on that date because they were the reason why the boys made it to their first birthday. Without their advocating and extensive knowledge and caring I dont know if they all would have made it home. Seriously. The NICU ride was pretty crazy but for some reason I dont get upset when I go there. I am happy to walk back through those doors and not have a child in an isolette. I am proud that my boys graduated and are doing well. Without the encouragement of a few of those nurses I dont know if I would have not been afraid to have three babies at home. They really pumped me up and gave me the strength to face the fact that I was a triplet Mommy and the shit had just hit the fan! And that I would be a good Mom, frazzled but a good one nontheless. :) Two of the very special ones were there today. The one I havent seen and who was supposed to be there had to go to a funeral. She was the one who sat with me while Ollie was very ill and kept telling me that he would make it through and I would to. I requested her every night she was working for the boys. I wished the Divine Nurse M would have been there to see Ollie in all his 20 month glory. And so I could give her a big hug for taking such good care of Ollie and supporting me and giving me the strength to face this triplet Mommy thing with confidence. They all told me I could do it, it would be hard, but the boys were lucky to have a Mom like me. They might say that to all the Moms but it really made me feel good. :)

Ok enough for tonight. I think I have gone through every emotion possible in this post. I am teary eyed now but with a smile on my face.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Busy hands

Ian "playing" with the Christmas tree.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Behind Enemy Lines

Merlin the Christmas Tree lovin kitty.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Monday, November 19, 2007

Miss Kim

Yesterday was OT and ST. I always love when they come. Actually it was the boys first "official" speech therapy session. I have to say that I love our therapist. She has so much energy and is very on top of the boys. Ian slept through the session, but he isnt the one who we are worried about. Ollie was the first to interact with Miss Kim. And boy did he give her a hard time. He doesnt want to do what anyone wants him to do unless its his idea. So it was a little rough. Then she took on Spencer. I have to say that I was very surprised that he responded so well to her. I think he might have a crush. He loved when she read to him, which is great because he doesnt do so well when DH and I read to him. He listened to direction!!!! I couldnt believe my ears when she would tell him to do something and he would do it. Too bad she cant move in with us. After a very positive session with Spence she went back to Ollie for some one on one time. He did better,he had to call her bluff the first time. I think he might have a crush on her as well.

I spoke to her about what happened with the Neo and she basically said that she didnt agree with her and thought that the boys are making progress, she had done an eval on them in April of this year and they had improved since. I was so thrilled to hear that. She also takes her kids to the same pediatrician who we both rave about and encouraged me to talk to her about the awful appointment with the Neo. I think I might have a crush on Miss Kim to! :)

Wednesday is their first Synagis injection. I have mixed feelings about it but I know that its the best thing if we want to protect the boys. I just hate that they feel crummy afterwards. At least DH will be home for the rest of the week so we can sleep in shifts if need be. Oh speaking of sleep the boys have decided that 4:30am is now their "normal" wake up time. That's just killing me. Is this normal? Are they teething? I hope it stops soon.

Oh and to Juliann and Eva you two were so great to offer me comfort and understanding, I thank you. I'm glad to know that there are people out there that understand and will extend a kind word and helping hand. This preemie stuff isnt always easy but we will somehow get through it together. Thanks ladies!!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sucky day

Today the boys saw their Neonatologist. She and I have had problems in the past and today for whatever reason she seemed to make things worse. I was not confrontational at all and I wasnt even being defensive. We were all there to go over the results of the neurodevelopmental testing that the boys had done a few weeks back. The first thing she asked was did DH and I have any concerns. We said "no". Which I think started things off in the wrong direction. Yes we know the boys are behind, and some more than the others. Yes we are concerned about it. BUT that is why the boys are getting speech therapy and two are receiving occupational therapy. Duh, like we dont know that they are delayed!!! Come on. So she said "Well you should be concerned on their slow development". Fine we said that we were but those issues were being addressed already with their therapists. So she goes over each boy and their weaknesses. Ian seems to be on target for his actual age of 19 months. The only thing with him is he is a little delayed with speech. Oliver, who she said that the psychologist stated in her report was the one who we were the most worried about, is behind in all areas but better than his brother Spencer. He has a very definite speech delay. The boy just started talking again after he began to walk in October. He has issues with listening to direction. Blah, blah, blah. Then it came time for Spencer. The problem child, or the one we dont think has ANY problems (please note the sarcasm). Spence definetly has a speech delay but not as bad as the other two. He says, Mom, Dad, Bottle, kitty cat, dog, ball, up, out, and every once in a while says milk. He is just quiet and shy when he doesnt know the person who is testing him. He doesnt listen to direction. And he is wild. Crazy kind of wild. He laughs all the time. So we got chewed out because we are worried about the wrong kid. It pisses me off.

The next thing she took issue with was that the boys are getting Synagis again this year. "Oh if I were the medical director of your insurance I would never have allowed it" Dr. Not so Nice said. "They dont have any more lung or heart issues so they are fine". Whatever. Man I didnt even ask to get the Synagis and was very surprised that we got approved. Maybe the Medical Director for Healthlink realizes that if the boys got RSV then the hospital stay would cost more than all the damn shots combined for all the boys for the year!!! Jeez.

The last thing that she busted my balls about was that I havent taken the boys to a playgroup or a Mother's Day out. I dont even know what the f*&k a mother's day out program is. I dont know anyone who has kids that are the same or close to the boys age. "oh their speech will take off if you get out of the house more" Fine whatever. Just keep piling on the blame for the speech off on me. " you need to read to them more" Hey Dr. Unrealistic have you ever tried to read a book to three little hooligans?? DH and I both read books to the boys all the time but we cant do it with all of them at the same time. One is trying to grab the book and turn the pages, the other one is trying to eat the pages, and the last one just wants to get away from his brothers so he starts crying and then biting his brothers who are way too close for his comfort. Sheesh!! And then getting them all out of the house when I am by myself is impossible and will not happen. I can get them all into the car but getting them out and then having to leave one behind while I run in and drop the other two off is not something that I want to do. It is almost impossible.

I just want to scream!!! I thought I was doing a great job with the boys. They are all healthy. No physical problems from prematurity just delays. That's something that I dont think I can control or manipulate to make it better. I provide them with every opportunity to excel and catch up to their peers. I dare anyone to find a toy in the playroom that isnt a developmental tool. Give me a break. I just dont think I can win with that lady. I thought our problems that we had in the NICU were all but forgotten. I guess I was wrong.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sleep or lack there of.

I cant believe it but the boys are 19 months old. Time has really flown by. They are doing ok, all have colds. DH and I both had it to. I cant wait for it to be over so we can all get an uninterupted night of sleep. The sleep thing for me is a big deal. I have trouble anyway getting to sleep and staying asleep so I have some meds that help me off to sleepyland. So imagine having to get up 2-3 times during the night with different boys and then trying to go back to sleep after being awake for at least an hour or more. It just plain sucks. Last night I did get a full night of sleep. My mood was vastly improved over the last few days. I guess the saying "if Mom aint happy nobody is happy" is very true.

Today DH, the boys and I went to an early Thanksgiving dinner. Our good friend had her celebration early because not all her family could get together on Thanksgiving. It was wonderful. The boys had a blast. I drank 2, yes you read that right, TWO glasses of wine and was it good. I wanted more but knew that I wouldnt be able to keep my eyes open long enough to see the boys off to bed at 8pm.

Boys are finally all asleep eventhough they went down at 8 and its a little before 10pm now. Spence decided that his little cat nap on the way home was enough to keep him going. I broke down and pulled him out of bed and snuggled him into submission and he is now sleeping in his crib. Hopefully he stays asleep all night.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Random Act of Kindness

Last night I was at the grocery store with a cart full of food. I got in line and waited. When it was my turn I started throwing things onto the belt and this older lady got in line behind me. She asked if she could help me get things out of the top of the cart. She just started doing it and explained to me that she hates having to get stuff out of the top of the cart after unloading the basket! Its was so nice, and she was so sweet. I thanked her repeatedly and told her she made my day by being nice.

Then I went to the Super Dooper Walmart. No one, not even the checker, said a word to me. So when the question of "Did the cashier greet you today" came up on the screen before I paid with my debit card I almost jammed my finger by pushing "NO!". So much for nice people.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Monkey Man Spencer

Mighty Dragon Ian

Scallywag Ollie

The gang

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


My Halloween wish has come true. I am not really into Christmas so instead of a Christmas wish here was my Halloween wish. My wish was that Oliver would be walking for trick or treating. I told him at the beginning of the month that if he didnt walk then there might be trouble! I am happy to report that he is a walking fool!!! He doesnt like his costume much but I think he looks adorable. I will post a pic of all the boys soon. Ian doesnt care one way or another about his costume but he likes the fact that there is velcro and he can pull it apart. Spencer actually liked his costume and wore it around the house during our trial run the other night. I think he was a little unhappy when it came off but he gets a chance to wear it tonight and again tomorrow. The town where Great Grandma lives has trick or treating the night before Halloween, which is a little strange, but it works for us. Tomorrow night we are going to Grandma's house and possibly our neighbors houses. We dont get many trick or treaters in my neighborhood so I havent bought any candy. I have a few things we can give out. Now since I said all this I bet we will have an onslaught of trick or treaters. Plus tomorrow during the day its supposed to be unseasonably warm and into the 80's. Which is crazy!! But thankfully its not a full moon!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Amazingly the boys got approved for Synagis again this year!! I am actually kinda shocked about it. I was really thinking that they wouldnt qualify. Even our ped said that she didnt think they would qualify but it was worth a try. She just called me and said that this deserved a personal call from her. She is so great! I like her (before the Synagis approval) and love the way she handles the boys and takes care of DH and me.

After I called DH I called our nurse, Beverly, who came out to give the shots last year. A few weeks ago I called her and told her that I didnt think that the boys would qualify and said that I was sad that we wouldnt see each other. Funny how things turn out. She was shocked as well with the approval and very pleased that they will be protected. We talked about logistics of how we are going to separate them and keep them from rebelling against her and me. This year will be completely different since they are very mobile and will know whats going on. What I am afraid of the most is that they will cry whenever they see her come in the door! Poor Beverly. :)

I had planned to keep them on house arrest again this winter and use the same precautions as last year, much to the dismay of the MIL. I will never understand why its such a big deal to wash her hands after she comes into the house. Its just proper hygienic practice. Sheesh! I do plan on taking them to see Santa this year so I guess we will have to go and be the first in line on a slow day. At least she will be happy about that. Like I care......

Monday, October 22, 2007

Kobe Beef

Yes I am still alive. Last week was nuts. Boys waking up at all hours of the night and lots of broken sleep. I think I took a nap everyday last week. Maybe I was being punished for leaving them? Maybe its teething? Maybe a growth spurt? Whatever the case may be it was not fun.

I had a great time in Chicago. Shopped all day Saturday and ate at the Cheesecake Factory. I got my first taste of Kobe beef. It was so yummy. I want more. And of course had cheesecake. That was yummy to. I want more.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow, you're only a day away.....

Today was the boys 18 month check up. Of course I was worried as always about Ollie being so small. He weighs 20 pounds. He is 2 inches shorter than Ian, and one inch shorter than Spence. Ian weighs 24 1/2 pounds, and Spencer is 22 1/2. Its not that big of a weight difference but the other two are just built differently. More stocky I suppose. Ollie is just a little guy with a big voice. I voiced my concerns about his weight and the ped. told me that since he grew two inches since the visit in July that I shouldnt be concerned with his weight at all. I am reassured but still want my littlest guy to get big and fit into the winter clothes that I bought!! I am afraid that the other two will outgrow them before he even fits in them!! :) Although there is nothing cuter than seeing a baby in big clothes. Tonight I put the boys in footy pjs because its getting quite chilly here. Ian and Spence fit nicely but Ollie's feet were way too small and the feet of the pjs looked life elf shoes. Its was so darn cute. I wish I would have taken a pic. Damn!!

Tomorrow I am off to Chicago. I cant wait. Ok, I feel kinda bad leaving but I know that its the best thing for me so I can retain some sort of sanity. A friend asked me today if I liked being a stay at home Mom more now that the boys are bigger, and I told her that I didnt like it. I know its the best for the boys but I would love to get out of the house more and deal with adults. I have trouble holding adult conversations anymore. The only word that I seem to be able to say is "NO!!!" I guess every Mom goes through this. As I said in a previous post I need my space sometimes (well most times) and having three 18 month olds doesnt allow that at all. Yes I am complaining. Sorry. Hopefully I come back from my little trip with a better attitude.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Its that time again!

Ian enjoying his first Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie. Mmmmmm.

Ollie enjoying his first Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie. Yummy!!

Spencer wanting no part in any kind of cookie. But looking cute anyway.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy 18 month birthday!!!

Today the boys are exactly 18 months old. Wow has the time flown by. Last year I couldnt even imagine the boys all walking and feeding themselves. But they are. I can only imagine what is coming in the future.

Ollie is tooling around the livingroom fairly frequently. He falls a lot but as I recall not so long ago his two brothers did the same thing. Spence has a molar that is slowwwwly breaking through the gum line. I wish that tooth would just erupt and then he can have some peace. He is quite the cranky little bugger lately. Ian is keeping very busy being helpful and playing in the dog's water bowls. I have decorated the house for Halloween. The boys seem to really like the ghost that is hanging in the window and the glowing spider web. I love Halloween so decorating has been really fun for me. I have lights going up and down the stairwell and lights strung around the basement. Its all very spooky!!

Friday I am going to visit a friend in Chicago for the weekend. I need a break from everyone and of course need to have a little retail therapy. I hear we are going out for margaritas on Friday night. Sounds heavenly to me. Like back in April, I think the best part of my trip will be the 4 hour drive alone. I am such a non touchy feely person and need my personal space but with three little boys personal space is
nonexistent. That has been one of the hardest things for me. I hate being pulled on and my clothing tugged at. Drives me crazy!! So this weekend comes as a welcome relief to me.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Silly Mommy

I am sure that's exactly what Ollie was thinking this morning as I was wiping him off after breakfast. I am a little emotional this morning and was telling all the boys that I loved them more than they would ever know while they were enjoying their first cinnamon rolls ever! They liked them. Anyway I was telling Ollie how proud I was of him for starting to walk and that he was talking again. As I was cleaning the icing off his chin he said, "Momma", and I just started crying. I began telling him I thought at one point in the NICU that I didnt think he was going to make it. Of course that made me cry harder. He put his hand on my cheek and sort of wiped away my tears and gave me that cute little Ollie smile.

This may sound crazy but I always worry that all the boys will have some memory of what happened in the NICU and be tramatized. I know that I am. I will never forget seeing them for the first time all hooked up to machines and just clinging on to life. So when little milestones are reached, eventhough they may be late for the age, I thank my lucky stars that everyone made it out alive. I know things could have turned out much worse.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Drum roll please...........

Oliver is finally walking!!!!! It's taken him 17 months to get here and by God he is going to be cautious and do it slowly. He is so matter of fact about all of it. He doesnt think its as big deal a deal as DH and I do. He just goes about his business and thats it! That is exactly how Ollie is, nothing is really a big deal unless a brother is stealing food or a cup from him. He is finally talking again. He has gone pretty silent in the last 4 months except for crying, grunting, and laughing. I was worried at first but was told by a development therapist that often times when kids start crawling and getting ready to walk that their brains concentrate on those things and language goes out the window. I am truly happy thats the case! It was kinda strange because as soon as he started taking steps on his own he started saying "Momma" again. It was so automatic.

Spencer has mastered the walking thing. He still does the drunken sailor walk but its less and less. I quite enjoy watching him walk all crazy. He has a really good sense of humor and is the first kid to laugh out loud at something funny. He also has the best laugh.

Ian is master of the basement and all the toys. Especially the slide. He is the King of the slide. He can go down frontwards and now just to show off he can slide down on his belly and feet first. He likes to show off his new skill to anyone who will watch. And he expects clapping and congratulations every time. He is such a show off. There had to be one in the bunch.

I have finally picked out their costumes for Halloween. I cant tell you what they are going to be because its a secret but I can tell you that they look every cute! There is no theme, but the costumes do match their personalities quite well.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A very good question

Karen asked, "Arent you worried that your inlaws might read your blog?" Thats a very good question. It's taken me all week to think about it. Well not exactly all week, the dudes are sick with a cold and that has taken up most of my week. But I digress, I am slightly worried but not really. Let me explain further. The MIL is not so great on the computer, in fact she has gone through 3 in the last 2 years. Poor DH has to try to fix what she has done and usually finds that its screwed up beyond repair and she buys a new one. Same with printers, I think she has gone through 4 in the last 2 years. We got one of her castoffs that didnt "work" but it works fine here. Hmmm I wonder why?

There is a possiblity that I will leave the blog up on my computer one day but they wouldnt dare touch my computer. For reasons that I stated above, and that edict was not handed down from me but comes from DH. He doesnt need me bitchin about my computer not working. Plus the boys should keep them so busy while they are here that they shouldnt have time to screw around online.

Also, I am a huge risk taker. Remember I had the RE transfer three perfect 8 cell embryos. Ah they all wont take I thought, but here I sit with three 17 month olds. So I laugh in the face of fear. Yeah right! :)

So am I really worried? Not really. But thanks for asking!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

1000 hits

Ian enjoying dinner.

I just noticed that my blog has received over a 1,000 hits. Thats kinda cool. I wonder who is reading this? Hopefully not the inlaws!

So who are you people? Come out of the shadows and stop lurking! I would love to know how you found my blog. Please, please, please tell me!!! Or is there just one person who keeps coming back repeatedly all day?? Hmmmmm.

Whatever the case is, thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


So I did it. I screwed with the inlaws. Instead of turning off the tv when they were here yesterday, I tuned it to an alternative music channel where the F word is used frequently in song. They didnt say anything and didnt change the channel. The boys love the music and I was upstairs doing other things so I didnt care. Finally after dinner the MIL asked which channel the boys liked and I said 293. I left it at that. Within seconds the tv was blasting baby friendly programing. I dont think they are going to say much more about the whole tv thing. Well if they know what's good for them.

Today they were back over and brought over a toy that I had passed up at a garage sale a few months ago. She bought it for her house. They started bringing it down the stairs and I said "NO! NO! NO!" That thing makes too much noise and it has tons of plastic blocks that go with it and we already have too many as it is. She looked at me dumbfounded and said, "well I dont want it at my house it makes too much noise and has too many parts." To which I replied, "I didnt want it at the garage sale and stated that so take it back out to your van." The FIL did and when he was outside she said that she was going to take it to Great Grandma's house. Poor GGM.

On a different note, Spencer is in full walking mode. He is doing really well. I cant believe how fast he is moving. Everyone was in a good mood today, which was kinda strange for this house. There is usually one rotten egg in the bunch, but not today! We'll see how tomorrow goes.

Monday, September 3, 2007

If it ain't one its the other.

Today while the inlaws were over and I was conventienly "cleaning" the upstairs bathroom, DH was downstairs in the baby dungeon with his parents. They arent usually in the room very long together so I thought it was nice that I wasnt there. Well thank God that I wasnt. DH's Dad thought he would spew some pearls of wisdom to DH. He had just happened to be reading Time magazine and read that the American Pediatric Association says that children should not be exposed to or watch television until they reach age 2. Of course we have heard this from our pediatrician, who also snickered and said that most of the peds that are apart of the APA have nannies and dont have multiples, so in her words "you gotta do what you gotta do to keep them happy". I love that woman. But I take offense to him bringing it up. First I feel like its an attack on our parenting style. He never really had time when DH was a toddler because he was too busy going to graduate school. And for that matter so was the MIL. DH grew up with babysitters who cooked and cleaned the home. He couldnt join t-ball because they both had classes on the nights of practice and on game day. They both have no idea what its like to be a SAHM or Dad and werent really around much because they were pursuing their own thing. So I take offense to this. I gave up my "other" life to devote myself to these little hooligans that roam freely in my house. Yeah I know I am being kinda critical but it seems like an attack.

I am glad that I wasnt down there or I would have said something like this to the FIL "Well I dont see YOU down on the floor engaging the boys in any kind of play." He just sits there while everyone else is changing diapers or consoling a crying hooligan. He never tries to play with them but is always questioning what I am doing. For instance, last week before yoga class I gave the boys some ibuprofen because their molars are slowwwwwly breaking through. They change into hideous beasts if not given the wonderful make everything better drug, ibuprofen. He wanted to know why I was giving it to them and wasnt I afraid that they were going to become immune to the drug?? I didnt even know how to answer that one without laughing hysterically outloud and asking him if he was stupid. Come on, give me a break. If my kid is in pain and I can make it better so they can sleep through most of the night, dont you think I would give it to him??

The other thing today was that they brought over an article for our local big city paper about making homemade babyfood. Fine, great, whatever. I made all most all of the boys food when they were eating babyfood cause its cheaper and I could make it taste and smell better than that Gerber crap. The MIL went on and on about the recipes in the article, which we have outgrown. I polietly told her that DH had sent me the article days ago and it was more about how to make it and since we are done with that then thanks but no thanks for the article. Always wanting to be right she said "WEL there are recipes that you might not have seen" Ok I will get right on it and puree some foods for the boys who can already self feed. She just doesnt get it. I dont think she ever will.

As for the FIL, well he can just bite my big fat booty!!! How come all of a sudden he is interested in his grandkids? But wont do anything with them. He will know become known as the armchair grandfather.

The tv is on most of the day. Not always on baby type programing, sometimes shows I want to watch (like the news, etc.), and a lot of the time we listen to music channels on the tv. And I know how far I can push the boys until they start to freak out and need some sort of baby stimulation and then I change the channel to the Teletubbies or put in a movie. They dont just sit there like Zombies all day.

So thats it I am pissed off once again with my inlaws and they are coming over to "help" tomorrow night because DH has school. Please give me the strength to not say anything overly sarcastic. I am going to turn the tv off right before they arrive and see how long it takes them to turn it on. In fact I will hit the stop watch the second they drive up the driveway. Bastards. Why cant they just leave us alone and find someone else to bother.

Speaking of parents, my Mom and I dont have the best relationship in fact at the moment we arent speaking but not sure exactly why. She knows that the hooligans were born because my sister told her but thats about it. The boys have another blog that was started when they were in the NICU and I know that she still checks it and sees pictures. I miss her. My side of the family is very dysfunctional and its hard to explain. So I might call her tonight. Hopefully she will take my call and we can get back to being Mom and daughter again.

Monday, August 27, 2007

New pics

Pre invasion.

Post invasion.

Spencer loves his new basement!! That boy wont sit still for anything. Oh and by the way, he is starting to walk. Lord please watch over me. Me, not Spence, I need all the help I can get!

Ollie loving his new steps and baby gate.

Ian, aka Godzilla, trying to make a break for it through the kitty door into the forbidden room, aka the laundry room. I know its a dragon costume but he was walking around all day knocking things over and I remembered that I had this costume. I will have to get some video of him as Godzilla. Its very funny. I can hear the Godzilla scream as I write this.

Yu Shan looking down into her new kitty play room.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

I cant believe that I am doing this to myself

I decided that since the pain in my pelvic areas has returned and I have not had a period in 8 months (by choice) that it was time to take some inactive pills and let mother nature take her course. Damn, I forgot how painful this period thing can be. Being a chick with endometriosis sucks, plain and simple. IT SUCKS!!! Ok enough whinning and shouting.

We are completely moved into the basement!!! The boys love it down there. They have lots of new toys and plenty of room for them to do their own thing without being on top of one another like they were in the living room. I am happy that its done and can see that its good for everyone in the house. The fur babies love it to. There was a problem with the kitty faction for awhile because we moved the litter boxes and made them go through another pet door to get to them. They were leaving some presents where their boxes used to be. Then the carpet and the furniture came. Then the kitties were happy. Now they have lots of new places to sleep. I think they know a good thing when they see one. The dogs love all the room to run around and play in as well. I have some pics of the basement but the camera is down there and I am not going up those steps again tonight!! I will post some soon. Call me lazy, whatever, I am tired and cranky. :{

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


The carpet is being laid down in the basement as I write this!!! Its kinda weird looking down there because there isnt anything down there except for 2 guys and lots of pad. No more half empty boxes strewn about and crap everywhere. I hardly recognized the basement last night after I went to buy a baby gate for the bottom of the stairs. Its a wonderful thing. Maybe I should take some pictures.....

Friday, August 17, 2007


Look who's finally holding his own cup!! Its Ollie!! He also started holding his own bottle to. It had been quite a battle to get him to do this, but I kinda gave up a few weeks ago. Just the other day he decided that he could hold his own "ba". Fine if it had to be his idea then so be it. I took this picture to show his OT who had been trying to get him to want to hold his bottle for a long time. She was on vacation last week. When she came in today I handed her the pictures and said "this is what Ollie did during your vacation." She was so proud. I am to!

Oh yeah before I forget, the carpet is being installed in the basement on Tuesday!!!!!!! I cant believe that we are almost done. Its been a long project but it looks good. Now I just hope that the carpet I picked out goes with the paint thats on the wall. I never thought to ask for a small sample to take home.....oops.

Also in case you were wondering, I am feeling much better on Yaz. I knew that a change in pill would make things better. I am still kinda crabby but I have always been that way. :)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Mmmmm grape jelly and biscuits

Ian--If I close my eyes she cant see me!!



Wednesday, August 8, 2007


The day that I was implanted with my boys the RE had a very frank discussion about whether to implant all three of the embryos or just two. I wanted all three, DH wanted all three, RE wanted two. It came down to our descision. We choose all three. Why? Well I have said this many times before, we were out of money, I was definetly out of patience, and we were afraid that the remaining embie would not thaw correctly and we would be out of luck. The RE did what we asked and we knew that the likelyhood of having all three was a possibility but not likely. How wrong were we?!! To be honest I wasnt exactly thrilled when all three showed heartbeats. I was worried about me. How could I do this? What the hell was going to happen to me? Then not long after I began to realize that it wasnt about me anymore, it was about them. I wasnt that important anymore. Well I was, of course the hostess to the party of three, but they would be the stars of future episodes of my life. And now I know that I am not the center of the my universe anymore. I dont think about my needs as much. When I go out shopping I am always buying things for them and when I look at something for me I hesitate and debate whether I really need it. I sometimes skip lunch because I am too tired and want to make sure the boys get fed and then take a nap and then fall on the couch in exhaustion only to get right back up because someone isnt sleeping and I keep going. Using the bathroom is no longer a private affair, I think you know what I mean. Then there are the things that people do that make me want to cry. In a good way. Its because she thought of me, as me and not the Mom of triplets. I almost cried when a friend showed up out of the blue on Friday. She had asked the day before if I could go to lunch with her and some other friends but I didnt have a sitter so she did the next best thing she brought me lunch. Someone thought of me!!! It was such a nice thing to do. I wolfed it down cause it was feeding time for the boys but it was the best nachos bellegrande that I have ever had. Thanks for thinking of me. It made me realize that I am still somewhere in here and that I do have a life and friends who care and I am not just the mother of triplets.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Just chuggin along


Ok so I know the blog hasnt really been much about the boys lately and its just me bitchin about me. I will try to make it more about the boys. But in case you wanted to know I think I feel a little better. I think.....

So today Oliver started standing behind his push walker toy. He loves that push walker. I was so proud of him. He is really starting to get ready to walk. Spence is still doing what he does best, cruising around the coffee table and then falling and banging his head. He does it so gracefully sometimes that I never know if he is going to need some snuggling after the fall or not. He continues to take steps without any assistance. Ian is doing great to. He has developed separation anxiety with DH. He dosent like when Daddy isnt around. He likes to stack blocks with Daddy and instead of constantly knocking them down he will place a few on top of the others and steps back and looks at his tower in amazement. Then he gets mad when Spence or Ollie comes by and knocks them down. Oh well Ian just get used to it. Its just starting with your brothers.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Some good some bad


Tonight Spence took a few steps from the table to me. I am not sure if it was the momentum that kept him up but he did it!! He has been standing in the middle of the room for about 20 seconds by himself. This latest accomplishment was all done with the MIL in the room and she didnt even notice. Which is a good thing for Spencer. He needs time to develop his skills before she starts in on him. When Ian was starting to walk she kept him moving all the time and when he would cry she would tell him to stop and start walking. DH and I are more of the thought that we would let him do his thing and figure it out on his own. Even when he started walking we didnt do anything to "help" him. Just let him do it and now he is a walking fool. Even if he does walk like Frankenstein. :)

I am still in a pissy mood. For the last two night the in laws have been here. I wanted to kill someone tonight so I just left. When they got here she suggested that I go out to dinner by myself. WTF?? That started it and I wasnt backing down. Everytime I leave them to feed the boys dinner they wake up in the middle of the night and are hungry. So I stayed until they had been fed and corrected her while she tried to coax Spence into eating the cheese on his tray. She even went as far as forcing it into his mouth which made him cry and made me furious. I told her that she shouldnt do that and of course as always she did it again and I corrected her. Then he got sweet potatoes on his nose and she had to wipe him immediately. I told her not to do that and leave him alone, she did it again and this time I said "I told you to leave him alone" she just looked at me with a stupid look on her face.... God please help me from killing her. She still thinks of the boys as little babies, which they are not. She insists on doing things the same way when they are changing and doing things their way, so they are becoming toddlers. Spencer doesnt want anyone holding his bottle which I love. She still thinks he needs to be cuddled while feeding. WRONG!! She does the same thing to Ollie and he just stops eating and pushes her face away. Tonight he did that and I told her to sit up with him on her lap and give him the bottle that way. She said that she did that and he still wasnt eating, which was so wrong. "he isnt hungry" which I know is not true. He likes to be on the floor and sit up and drink. Once she finally listened he did drink. At that point I knew that I was about to lose it with her and I went to the garage and told DH that I was leaving, which I did. I hate that she gets me so pissed that i feel like I have to leave my own house to keep from starting world war 3. The FIL was in the basement working with DH. DH called me around 8:05 to tell me it was ok to come home.

Oh speaking of the basement it is coming along and we are about to paint and then comes the carpet!!! That means that we are almost done.

I feel better just getting that out. I am trying to get out of this cranky funk that I am in. I need an attitude adjustment!! Any suggestions?

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


See I am not the only crab ass in the house.

I went to my favorite ob/gyn today and had a wonderful appointment. Seriously. I love her and she is just great. Anyway she totally listened and agreed that I am most likely on my way to menopause and that the endo is acting up again. She was surprised that it took this long for it to come back. I kinda am to. I was hoping that it would never come back. It is possible to be in perimenopause and still have active endo. Those damn implants produce their own estrogen that keeps them alive and kicking. Bastards. Anyway, she ordered labs and did a pap. I have to say that I didnt even realize when the pap was over. She is that good. It didnt hurt at all. She has done all my 7 surgeries and we laughed at my lone scabbed up ovary was still trying to work. So she is no hurry to do anymore surgery and understands why I cant just do it right now. We both know its in the cards and when the time is right then it will be done. I am starting on a new pill called Yaz. I didnt realize that it is not only a birth control pill but also treats premenstrual dysphoric disorder. I am so glad that she picked that one!! I have been so overly emotional and down right irrational lately.

Last night I picked a fight with DH about the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Why?? Well I am not sure. But we differ greatly on politics and of course I blamed a lot of dear old GWB. I said that I thought that Katrina and its mishandling is going to be a hot button issue in the next election. DH kept saying that GWB couldnt be re-elected (which I already know cause i have a bachelors in political science, duh!!) and it was a non issue. Plus he doesnt control FEMA. To which I went ballistic and gave my points about how he failed to put a competent person in charge of FEMA and how corrupt the Republican party is and so on. DH kept saying that GWB couldnt be re-elected over and over. Finally I had enough, cause I didnt vote for the horrible man, and told DH to "SHUSH!!!!!" He got so mad and I just wanted to be left alone. Its all so silly and kinda comical now but last night I wanted to do bodily harm to him. So it was good that I told her the story and we laughed and she prescribed Yaz. She knows me all too well......

Monday, July 23, 2007


Ok so the hot flashes were ignored, the mood swings ignored, the pain, however was noted and it was decided by the doc that its my horrible evil endometriosis rearing its ugly head again. I am kinda pissed off, like that's anything new, that he didnt listen and immediately decided that it was endo related. Endo doesnt cause hot flashes and mood swings,but it does produce pain that wont go away. Easy diagnosis. Whatever. I am going back to who I should have gone to in the first place. By dear old friend who diagnosed me . Well I havent called yet but I will tomorrow and see what she says. There has got to be another treatment for endo other than the dreaded Lupron. I have had enough of Lupron. I hate Lupron. For those of you who dont know what it is it makes you go into menopause and it sucks!! Well actually it would make me feel better but I have taken it so many times that I am afraid of bone loss. Seriously. The doc asked me to give him a reason for not wanting Lupron so he could record it in my chart, and I said "cause it sucks!" and he wrote that down and chuckled. He's a good guy and I know him pretty well, but he didnt really seem to listen to me. He wants a pelvic u/s and that cant happen for 2 weeks so I here I sit in pain. Fine, I will wait.

The only real option if its truly endo related is a hysterectomy. Which is fine by me but I dont want to do a laparotomy. Thats the kind of cut one gets when they have a c section. I would do it tomorrow if they would do it laparoscopically. Thats where they make small incisions in your belly and take things out that way. Less recovery time and doesnt hurt as much. Laparotomy takes 8 weeks to recover from and is very painful. I dont really have the luxury to be out 8 weeks. I have no idea how things would work with dealing with the boys. And the other thing is that the MIL would be here making me nuts everyday and that is something that I cant handle. Seriously. I think that would make things worse. I have dealt with endo my whole life. Actually had the dx since 1997 and have had many surgeries, including both that I mentioned above, several times. Well more times that I would like to discuss here. Lets just say that I am veteran of pelvic surgery. Which sucks to!

On another note, the boys are doing fine. Ian is walking like Frankenstein all over the livingroom. Spencer is standing on his own in the middle of the room and is pretty excited about it. Ollie is crusing along the furniture watching the other two as they make mistakes so he can avoid them. They had their 15 month check up a few weeks ago and Ian weighed 22 1/2 pounds, Spencer weighed 20 1/2 pounds, and Oliver was 18 1/2 pounds.

We also stopped by the NICU today and to say hi to the nurses. It was a little over a year ago that Ollie was discharged. DH and I commerated the day last week. Its hard to believe that they are now 15 months old.

And finally, today is the anniversary of my Dad's passing in 2001. So Dad if you are reading this I miss you and I wish you could meet your grandsons!! Ian looks just like you, eventhough thats not really possible. :) I wish we could have had a better relationship while you were here. I regret not being a better daughter. I hope you know that I talk to you everyday and think of you all the time. I tell the boys about their grandpa that they will never meet. I miss you! Ok I am crying now.

Friday, July 20, 2007

The pause

Well I think it is really here. Perimenopause. That ugly word that no woman who is in her 30's wants to say or even think about. I have been having severe mood swings, hot flashes, almost daily migraines, and breast tenderness, all while being on the pill. I knew I had problems, hence the donor eggs, but was hoping that by being on the pill I wouldnt notice those awful symptoms. Monday I go see an RE who will hopefully listen to me and take my symptoms seriously.

I thought maybe all the mood swings could be from dealing with 3 15 month olds but I think its bigger than just them making me nuts. I am so cranky that I dont even like myself right now. I get mad at myself for being so irrational, kinda like how the boys are. Hmmm maybe its not the pause, maybe I am just mimicking the behavior of the boys? Now that is a scary thought!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July

Yessss MOTHER, I am taking this driving thing seriously. Flashforward 15 years?? Ian

So today was the day!! Well it really was supposed to be tomorrow but it happened today. NO MORE FORMULA!!!! Sorry to shout but its such a wonderful thing. We had one can that had a popped lid and it was thrown away and whole milk was given. The boys didnt even notice. DH and I noticed in our checking account. Cha ching!!!

Spencer eating blackberries.

Today we went over to my good friend Yvette's house for her daughters 5th birthday party. I was there when Lola was born. I was also there when her baby brother was born 20 months ago. I was right in the middle of my donor cycle and had to go into her hospital room bathroom to inject myself with Lupron. We all had a great time. The boys were so good I cant believe it. It helps that her house has lots of toys and is child proof. I need to find more friends that have kids so when we go to their houses we wont have to worry about one of them taking a tumble down a large flight of steps or breaking anything. :)

Good Ole Ollie.

Monday, July 2, 2007

I was wrong

No ear infection for the boy. He just has a cold that doesnt want to go away. Fine, whatever. The problem now is he doesnt want to nap, and I desperately want him to. Although he is watching "Finding Nemo" and is pretty happy about it. Which I guess makes me happy to.

Here is a pic of Oliver from the other day.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

More Pink Medicine??

I am pretty sure that Spencer has an ear infection. I am going to call the ped's office tomorrow but I am almost positive that's why he is so cranky. He is such a good natured guy but has been so cranky lately. He cries and laughs at the same time. Its so sad.

The work continues in the basement. Almost all the wiring is done. I have mudded all I can and am going to sand in preparation for the walls to be painted. All that is left are the stairs that have to be rebuilt (to make them wider), paint for the whole basement, and carpet. Then the fun begins!! I cant wait to have the boys down there so they have more room. Plus it will be a good place to have the MIL when she is here. I can hang upstairs while she is downstairs tending to the boys. Its such a wonderful thought.

Today DH and I went to Sams. We now have 4 cases of diapers and a box of wipes. Whooo Hooo!!! We also bought a gallon of whole milk in anticipation of the big day. Since I started my countdown the boys have consumed less and less formula and demanded more and more real food. So their will be a delay in the switch but it is coming soon!!

Not much else going on around here. It's been kinda boring lately. I guess that's a good thing.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Babies in Straight Jackets

September 2006
This is one of my favorite pictures of the boys. They loved to be swaddled. I wish I could swaddle them now but they are much to big and strong to be held down by some flimsy blanket.
Everyone has a cold. Ian has an ear infection on top of it. I would say that he is on the mend as well as Oliver. Spencer is the one who got it last and is now suffering the most. DH and I both got it.
Work continues in the basement. This weekend a friend of ours came over and put in some new ducts so we would have air conditioning down there. Today I taped and mudded the dry wall. Everyone kept saying how hard it was and how they hated doing it. I, actually, dont mind doing it. Its kinda like icing a cake and I love to bake so its right up my alley. Tomorrow I will sand and then remud and then again on Tuesday. The FIL wanted to be here to show me how to do it, and as I thought its really not rocket science. He wasnt here and things went smoothly. The MIL was here watching the boys much to my dismay. Ollie puked on her. She claims that he was coughing and it came up. DH and I know better. He was the first up after the nap and she was bouncing him and then it happened. I dont think that woman will ever learn. I am very hostile to her and I find that this works for me. I dont ask questions and dont make small talk. Its better that way. Its funny she asks DH if I am mad at her when I am nice to her not whenever I am cold and pretty much down right rude. Strange but hey whatever floats her boat!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Formula Countdown

As you can see at the top of the page there is a count down for the end of formula! I cant wait to be done with it. I swear we have spent so much money. I am actually afraid to try to calculate it because it would be mind boggling. People always want to know how much formula we go through, how many diapers a day we go through, etc. So here it is. I mix a whole can of Enfacare preemie formula every morning. It makes around 86 oz. Some days we go through the whole thing, some days there is a little left over in case of a midnight snack. I have to say that Enfamil has a great program for multiples and they sent us 9 cases of free stuff, thats like $250 worth of formula. Which took 18 days to use. Now the diaper thing I dont really keep track of for the same reason. We buy our diapers by the case from Sams Club. Dh and I purchase 3-4 cases a month and sometimes Grandma and Great Grandma will bring us some. Which really help out. If I am done to one case I kinda start freaking out, which is so silly. I have to have my stockpile!!

I have been shopping around to see how much whole milk is going to cost. Walmart seems to be the cheapest by at least 80 cents. And it just so happens that a Super Duper Walmart just opened in my town last week. I really hate to leave my nice comfortable supermarket for Wally World but when it comes to feeding three, wait slash that, four hungry boys (DH included) it makes the most sense for the money. Plus, Yo Baby yogurt is $1.55 cents cheaper there than my much loved supermarket. I dont really like shopping there because it is a free for all but I found that by going at off hours, like late at night, it is much more pleasant. But for the life of me I cant understand why people have their small kids out at 11pm and hanging out at Walmart. Some probably dont have a choice, I know, but it just seems strange to me. Why arent these kids on some sort of schedule? That being said, we are on sort of a schedule. The only two things that are a sure thing during the day is naptime and bedtime. Feedings times vary throughout the day but are three hours apart depending on when they get up. They do get lots of little snacks inbetween mealtimes. Bedtime is always 8pm whether they are ready or not. Cause God knows that I am ready!!! :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Much better

Ollie and Great Aunt Laura
Ok so the fitness yoga class really did help. I am so sore but thats a good thing. I cant wait until Tuesday so I can go again. Hopefully I wont be so stiff next time. :)

Tonight DH and I took the boys to see Great Grandma and her sister, Great Aunt Laura before she left to return to Phoenix tomorrow. Aunt Laura is great. She is 93, still has cocktail hour, just recently sold her golf cart although still plays everyday, and is an all around wonderful woman. Its so funny to see two sisters in their late eighties and early nineties still bickering about things that happened when they were much younger. It makes me miss my sister who lives in Colorado. The boys had a great time and Ollie and Spencer went right down when we got home but Ian didnt want to go to sleep. Ugh. Normally he falls asleep on the ride home but everyone was carrying on and talking. At 9:30 I decided that we would go for another ride to see if he would go to sleep. I have never done this before and dont want to make a habit out of it but it worked!! He fell asleep quickly and is now comfy in his bed.

I am off to bed myself.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Yoga Class Part Deux

I just got back. I really missed the feeling of being centered and peace with yoga. Not to say that the class didnt kick my fat behind, but it was a good ass kicking. :)

I think that is what I needed. Hopefully I will be able to move tomorrow without too much pain. Plus hanging out with my good friend Julia is always a good thing. I havent laughed that hard in a long time.

Ian in Baby Prison

Yoga class

Tonight I am going to my first yoga class. I havent been in a year. I cant wait!!

Monday, June 4, 2007

House of Whiners

Ok, so I am the head whiner. I am bitchy and not exactly sure why. The boys are also bitchy. I cant seem to make them happy no matter how hard I try. I guess the saying is true, that if Mom's not happy no one is happy.

Spencer came down with a cold and it seems to creeped over to Ollie, Ian and myself. Maybe thats why we are all crabby? Hmmm sounds like a good reason but I think it runs deeper than that. I really think that we are all bored. I know I am. The basement is under construction and the new playroom is on its way. Which is a good thing. I hope that DH can find a laptop for me so I wont be cutoff from my internet addiction. The boys have lots of toys down there and have to remain down there as the living room is way to crowded for anything else to be added. The boys are all teething and thats probably adding to their whineyness.

Motherhood feels so lonely. I didnt know it was going to be like this. I feel so cut off from my former life. Is this how everyone feels or is it just me? Dont get me wrong, I love my boys with all my being, but it just doesnt feel like I exist anymore. Where is that fun, witty, overly sarcastic person that I once was? Will she ever return?

Alright enough whining I have to go make the boys lunch.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

MIL Rant

The MIL is up my ass again for whatever reason. She makes me nuts. I try to ignore her comments but sometimes its so hard. The other day we went to a garage presale, her friend's daughter was having one and told us to come over a few days early to see what we wanted. Fine whatever. We go. She picks out every f-ing toy and has to buy them for her house. I on the other hand pick out a few things that I know they will play with and leave it at that. As the girl was tallying the very large bill, the MIL starts looking through the clothing. She pulls out a soccer jersey and says, "DH used to play soccer and loved it." I replied, "I used to play varsity soccer in high school." To which she replied, "oh that doesnt count." Meaning in MIL speak that I dont have anything to due with the boys abilities and that I am just the donor Mom. F-ing bitch. I get so aggravated with her and wanted to call her out right then and there but didnt know how to get out of the neighborhood. I only wish she would make comments like that in front of DH. Yes, I know, I am very sensitive about this issue. I didnt realize that she was going to throw the donor thing in my face every chance she got. What the hell would she have done if we adopted? Then they wouldnt have a genetic link to her. It just kills me. I know I should just ignore her but it seems that this is the root cause of our power struggle. It needs to come out in the open so she can deny it and then realize that I am on to her and so is DH. If it does its going to get ugly.
On a funnier note, on our way to the presale, she had to use GPS. She kept arguing with the GPS saying that wasnt the right way to go. See what I am dealing with.....

Saturday, May 19, 2007

What a wonderful day....

Auntie Caitlin, Uncle Colin, and Ian

Today my very good friend Caitlin graduated from college! Way to go K Quinn!!! I am so proud of you.

Friday, May 11, 2007

A swing built for two?

Spence and Ollie share a swing.

I have a friend who is having twins, hopefully on Tuesday by scheduled c section. Hopefully, because she is going crazy and is tired of having her body being taken over by foreign invaders. She will be 36 weeks on Sunday. Oh how I wish I could have gotten to 36 weeks. 27 will be a number that I will always have in the back of my mind. Well to be exact it was 27 weeks 3 days. I had no idea how my dream pregnancy would turn out to be so different that what I expected. I didnt know anything about NICU, PDA, CO2 levels, vents, cpap, 27 calorie formula, reflux. I really dont want to know as much as I do now, but I cant change anything. No matter how hard I try. I guess I really cant complain things did turn out pretty good. All the boys are thriving and may be a little behind developmentally but that can be worked with.
My friend is having a aminocentisis on Monday to assess the babies lung development. So she is hoping for a number above 50. I had no idea what she was talking about but went with it. Later Dh told me that they are measuring the Sufractant in their lungs. Oh thats another thing I had no idea about. I have been talking with her daily about what can happen but putting a good spin on it. For instance, if the babies have to stay in the hopsital for something minor like being under a bili light. Big deal! Enjoy the few extra days, get pumping and get some sleep. I know she will be disappointed if the girls need to stay in uteuro past Tuesday but I know that it would be for the best. I really dont want her to know about the terms that I brought up a little farther up the page. Those things are not fun.

The boys are doing well. Spencer is finally crawling forward but cautiously. Ian is all over the place. Oliver is crawling backwards!! He is all over the place. The other day I found him in the hallway with his feet up on the wall singing him to himself. If he gets too far he usually cries and I go get him. The boys like Shrek and 101 Dalmations. Which is good for me because I am getting kinda tired of Baby Einstein and Lady and the Tramp. They seem to be playing more with toys and not really paying attention to the tv which is great. There were times when I had to have something running constantly to keep them from revolting.

The boys had their first trip to the park. Yes, I know they dont have hats on but were slathered down in sunscreen. They loved the swings. It was a pretty warm day so we didnt stay long. Here are some pics to enjoy.


Ian having fun!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I'm back.....

It was great to have a weekend to myself. It was busy and there was lots of fun and shopping but I was ready to come home on Sunday. I missed all the boys. I hear that Ian went from room to room saying "Momma" for two days and gave Dad a hard time. No surprise there. Ollie and Spence seemed to be ok without me. Everyone was thrilled to see me when I walked in the door. To my surprise Ian was standing up next to his exersaucer. Thats something he has never done before but continues to showoff. Ollie got all excited and screached and did the happy dance. Spence just kinda looked at me and smiled and make Ewok noises at me as usual. Later he wanted some snuggly time and he went to sleep in my arms.

I bought lots of stuff for the boys playroom that is under construction. A cool tunnel and an igloo tent, a table and chairs from Ikea, and some other stuff. Nothing too exciting.

As for the drive up, it was a pretty quiet one. The boys got me up at 4:30am that morning and by the time I got in the car at 2pm I had a migraine and was tired. I drank a frappucino and ate something and went on my way up I55 to Chicago. On the way home I was a lot more lively and sped like a demon across the wonderfully flat state of Illinois, mostly doing 80 mph, and getting passed like I was doing 20 mph. It was crazy.

Everyone has seemed to recover and we are back into our normal routine.......

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Vacation all I ever wanted....

Friday I get a much deserved break and am going to see a friend in Chicago. I cant wait!! I am looking forward to hanging out but the thing I am most looking forward to is the drive ALONE!!!Four glorious hours all by myself. No crying, whining, poopy diapers, no fighting, or saying "NO!!". If I want to eat I can sit and eat and dont have to get up for any reason other than to pay the check and leave. Oh it sounds so wonderful. Then when Sunday rolls around I get to drive back alone in my Jeep. I can blast music or sit in silence, who knows but it will be nice. Then its back to reality. Hopefully DH will survive. He has never been on his own with the boys for more than an evening. He got his weekend "fishing" with the boys last weekend but ended up being sick and sleeping in a hammock all weekend. Sounds like heaven to me to sleep without having to get up with the boys. He was not so amused and is very disappointed that he drove for hours to get to the lake and then to get sick and not enjoy it. Oh well at least he got away.....

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Teething Monsters

I am totally exhausted. You are probably thinking then why is she writing this and not sleeping, well its cause I had too much Dr. Pepper and now am wired. The boys are teething. Not a big surprise, its just very trying on dear old Mom. I am sure they arent too keen either. The problem is that Ian wont go to sleep at night without me snuggling him into submission. Its been going on for about a week. I am so tired of him being up past 10pm. His bedtime is 8 on the dot and always has been. I am not sure if he is acting crazy because he is teething, or because he is very moblie and crawling all over everything, or is having a growth spurt. Whatever the cause its making me nuts!! He has also started with separation anxiety and I cant even walk out of the room without him freaking out. I am just thankful that the other two could care less if I were in the room.

I have considered buying a baby sleep book but am thinking that I will lose sleep trying to read it cause I can only read when they are in bed. Does anyone know of any good solid books that can help me quickly? I dont think most of the books I have seen apply to mulitples and seem to be unrealistic when it comes to dealing with sleep issues. Could it just be because he is teething or am I doomed forever??? Are the other two going to do the same thing and then no one will sleep again?

Come on top teeth push your way through those swollen gums and give me a break!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Great Baby Race

The Great Baby Race July 2006
The boys made it to their first birthday!! I had no doubt they would, well sometimes in the beginning I did, and it was fun. We went to Grandma's house for Easter and she had presents for the boys. They didnt really know what to do except to chew on the huge ribbons from the packages. Then off to a friends house to celebrate with some honorary Aunties and Uncles. I used to be a nanny for the family and spent most of my 20's and early 30's with them. All five kids were there and it was so much fun. They love the boys and it was great to see them having fun with them. They are such great kids and young adults.

Monday we all went to the NICU to see our beloved nurses. The boys brought them cupcakes in honor of the birthday. They also wore onesies that had their letter on them. Ian was "A", Spencer was "B" and Oliver was "C". They also had their time of birth on the back of their onesies. The nurses really got a kick out of it!! I did it for them. For those who dont know what I am talking about when there are mulitiples they are known as Baby A, B, or C. Depending on how many there are. You get the picture. Anyway I was so happy to see them, and they were thrilled to see the boys. I really do miss those wonderful ladies. When we were there I mentioned that I would love to come in and talk to Moms that are stressed about their babies and what is going on in the NICU. One of them mentioned that there was a Mom there right now that was freaking out because her son has BPD and is about to be discharged on a monitor and O2. They wanted to show her Oliver, who had serious issues with BPD, so she could see that babies do survive and grow up like other kids. I immediately said to bring her over! She was so sweet and asked tons of questions and then asked if I wanted to meet her son, which of course I did. Her sister and Mom were there as well and had many questions which I answered and I gave her my phone number. We live in neighboring towns. Later the next day DH called and said that he had lunch with the Nurse Manager of the NICU and she thought it would be a great idea to start a support group in the NICU because they didnt have one. So I am on it!! It's not that the nurses didnt give me tons of encouragement and support but it would have been much different hearing from another Mom who's child had the same issues. So I am excited.

The Great Baby Race April 2007

Thursday the boys had their one year check up, immunizations, and blood draw. They, of course, didnt like the shots, but did amazingly well with the blood draw. The only one that fussed was Ian and it was because Daddy was holding him tight and he wanted to be free!!

So we had a very busy week and I am sure someone is going to come down with a cold soon..........