My life with triplet boys that were born via donor eggs.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So I am sitting in a hospital room with an epidural in my back. Dont be concerned its a good thing. I am doing a pain trial to see if a pain pump would help my back and leg pain. So far so good. I would never have thought that a needle pumping morophine into my spine would help with the pain but I am for anything that helps. The hospital isnt too bad, the nurses are nice, and I love my doctor. You all remember Dr Lin right? He is great. The downside of the of the drug is that I itch all over. I am told that will go away with time. I sure hope so, cause its driving me nuts! I am here one more night and will be released tomorrow. If all continues to go as planned I will have a permanent pump implanted in two weeks.

The boys came up to visit last night. They had a ball with the room dividing curtains. Ian kept pointing to my IV and saying "Momma has a boo boo". Spence jumped in bed with me and was getting ready to snuggle in for the night. Ollie, I think wasnt real sure what was going on and gave me a couple of kisses. I am glad that no one put up a fight to leave. I actually got some really good sleep last night. Its amazing to me because sleeping in a hospital is never easy for me. Its loud in here and the nurses wake everyone up every 4 hours for vitals. The last nurse I saw was at 1230am and then I woke up to my old neighbor yelling his breakfast order into the phone. He is hard of hearing so his conversations have been kinda funny to listen to. Thank god he couldnt hear the boys they were so loud. I am in a room by myself, which is nice. Hopefully they dont move someone in tonight. :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

First Day of School

Ian, Spencer, & Oliver waiting for the bus.

Its been a few weeks but the boys have successfully gone to and from school on the bus. They successfully have adapted to the morning routine. Two of them love school and have decided that school, well I should correct myself, riding on the school bus is awesome! Now Ollie on the other hand is having a hard time. He is the youngest in his class and by far the smallest. All the other boys in his class are starting Kindergarten in the Fall. A few have taken him under their wing, which is really cool. But he still gives us that LOOK after he walks up the steps of the bus. I know that he doesnt want to go. I received an email from his teacher asking many questions about him and his behavior. I knew there had to be one in the bunch that wouldnt like the school thing. Ollie scratched the teacher. Uh Oh. He has also been really aggressive with me and his brothers. Hitting and kicking and pushing and pulling. Its really out of character for him. But he is now 3 so maybe that's just part of turning three. By the time he decides that he likes school it will be summer break. Then the struggle begins again in August. Ugh.

With school comes the exposure to other snotty nose little kids and all their germs. The boys have successfully be come infected with said germs. Ian was home a few days last week. Ollie and Spence were home this week. Ugh. I thought the mornings were "me" time. Little did I know that I would have to give up my precious 3.5 hours and become a Mom again in the morning this soon. Oh wait, I forgot to tell you, the boys go to school 5 DAYS A WEEK!!!! YAHOOO!!!! :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tuesday is THE DAY!!!!

I cant believe that the savages are 3. Its just amazes me that we all survived the first three years. I have a hard time remembering things from when they were younger. I am glad that I kept a journal. Seriously Mommy brain, or should I say 40 year old Mommy brain is in full swing. I think it might be some early form of Alzheimer's or something. Maybe its because I have three boys who command my complete attention and seem to drain me by the end of the day. Hmmm maybe that's it.

Anyway, Tuesday is the first day of PRESCHOOL!!!!! I am so ready for it. I dont know if they are but I am sure after they get used to riding on the bus and getting up early all will be good. DH is going to take Ian to his school, and I will take Spence and Ollie to their school. After school, 2.5 hours later, they will all get on the bus and head home. OH its sounds so heavenly.....the boys will be someone else's problem for the morning...just kidding. Wait. Am I kidding? Hmmm not sure. Gotta think about that one.

Getting the boys into the school's district's preschool was a nightmare. It was quite stressful. But in the end they "miraculously" found three open spots in the AM classes. Whatever. I seriously hope that we do not have to deal with the school social worker again. She is an idiot! Or maybe a twit? Not sure. Probably both. LOL. So going to school meant that the boys were no longer eligible for the Early Intervention program that brought Speech and Occupational Therapy to the house. It was very sad to say goodbye to the OT. Ollie cried. I cried. Jenny is so sweet and had been with the boys for more than 2 years. They love her. I love her. She is always so positive and found good things to say about Spence and Ollie even if they were fighting with her that day. I really hate to lose her but we may take them to see her, at her office, over the summer if they arent on track. Spencer is pretty close to being caught up, but Ollie is still a work in progress. But they have come so far with her help. Those monkeys werent even sitting up when she started seeing them. She was really instrumental in helping Ollie to transition over to the sippy cup. He waited until she went on vacation and then started holding his cup. I took pictures for her and showed them to her when she got back and we both laughed. That Oliver does things on his own time. Same holds true to this day.

The boys will be receiving speech therapy at the house starting in May. Our wonderful ST has agreed to stay with the boys, at our expense. Damn insurance company wont pay for ST. So with a little help from their Grandma and Papa she can keep coming to the house once a week. Oh and SHHHHHHH dont tell the school district. They might try withhold ST at the school. That's a story for another time. I'll just say that we didnt start off on the right foot. Let's hope the school doesnt try to pull any more crap. Kim can stay with us throughout the summer and keep the boys on track. They are finally just starting to talk and are like tape recorders. Repeating everything that we say. Which isnt always a good thing. Spence says, "shit" in his cute little way. Of course that is me that he is mimicking. Yay! Mommy has a potty mouth. LOL. At least that's the only bad thing that he says, cause Mommy says some pretty bad things. :)

Birthday Pics




Friday, March 20, 2009


Its been forever since I have updated. Not for the lack of things to say but the time in which to write. Plus I got a Wii at Christmas and that has taken precedence. Sad, I know, but true.
The boys are good, growing nicely. They are about to turn 3 in a few weeks. I cant help but think back three years ago. I was in the hospital on mag (magnesium sulfate) and was miserable. Everything felt so out of control. I still, at that point, had no idea how dramatically my life would change. Three years later I cant really say that I like being a stay at home Mom. I really dont understand the women who just love to be with their kids all the time. I guess I am just not wired that way. I am counting down the days until they can start preschool in the school district. Its 24 days and counting. Gotta love the state of IL, the school is required by law to pick up my kids at my driveway. YAY!!! I really cant wait. Its only 2.5 hours 4 days a week but its a start. I think they will be at two different schools but thats fine. They need a break from each other and I cant wait to see how they blossom.

I will post some new pics soon. My card reader isnt working, well wait, its working but it only shows me the pictures it wants to show....bastard. Hopefully I am getting a new one soon.