My life with triplet boys that were born via donor eggs.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Drum roll please...........

Oliver is finally walking!!!!! It's taken him 17 months to get here and by God he is going to be cautious and do it slowly. He is so matter of fact about all of it. He doesnt think its as big deal a deal as DH and I do. He just goes about his business and thats it! That is exactly how Ollie is, nothing is really a big deal unless a brother is stealing food or a cup from him. He is finally talking again. He has gone pretty silent in the last 4 months except for crying, grunting, and laughing. I was worried at first but was told by a development therapist that often times when kids start crawling and getting ready to walk that their brains concentrate on those things and language goes out the window. I am truly happy thats the case! It was kinda strange because as soon as he started taking steps on his own he started saying "Momma" again. It was so automatic.

Spencer has mastered the walking thing. He still does the drunken sailor walk but its less and less. I quite enjoy watching him walk all crazy. He has a really good sense of humor and is the first kid to laugh out loud at something funny. He also has the best laugh.

Ian is master of the basement and all the toys. Especially the slide. He is the King of the slide. He can go down frontwards and now just to show off he can slide down on his belly and feet first. He likes to show off his new skill to anyone who will watch. And he expects clapping and congratulations every time. He is such a show off. There had to be one in the bunch.

I have finally picked out their costumes for Halloween. I cant tell you what they are going to be because its a secret but I can tell you that they look every cute! There is no theme, but the costumes do match their personalities quite well.


Karen said...

Glad to hear that all 3 boys are doing so well! How exciting - you have 3 toddlers! Hope the house is 110% childproof!

3 good eggs said...

Its not exactly 110% childproof but is pretty good. The basement is virtually indestructible, LOL. Lets just hope they dont start using the support beams as teethers or the house will come tumbling down!

As always thanks for coming by. I checked your blog all day to see how your weekend went. That little Ben is such a cutie and his brothers arent too bad themselves! :)