My life with triplet boys that were born via donor eggs.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The power of the tracker

Wow. I just looked up how people found my latest post and was very surprised. Apparently my use of the word Cricut snagged me two people from a Google search. Too bad it wasnt the Cricut people wanting to know if they could send me some free cartridges or some fancy Cricut tools to go with my new creativity machine. Maybe if I keep using the word Cricut they will be forced to advertise on my blog and that would earn me free stuff? Hmmm sounds like a great idea.

Ok enough about the glorious die maker. The boys are doing well. They are addicted to the Nuby brand sippy cups much to my dismay. They were great until the boys realized that they could push the top in and then dump the milk onto the carpet. It happened a total of 6 times today and I have had enough. I went out and bought two different brands that dont have silicone tops and these can be taken apart. Well until they can unscrew the lids. Lets just say that my new purchase did not make them very happy. Not much milk was drank at dinner or after. I know that in the morning its going to get ugly. Especially with Spencer. He likes his sippy cup that he can take apart and doesnt really like to change up his routine. I cant blame him for that, but sometimes there has to be an alternative to make Mom and Dad happy. Ian seemed ok and so did Ollie tonight but who knows what they will do when faced with the new sippys in the morning. Please, please, please, let them be good and drink out of them and not make this into a nightmare!!! Its 3 against one in the morning and I am not a morning person. So if you are a praying person, please pray for me. I know they will be alright, I just dont know if I will.


Unknown said...

I used the nuby's too, until my kids figured out that they could put their fingers through it an make the whole really really big, then we had major messes!

I bought all kinds of sippys, and just recently purchased a big Gerber type... the cup actually changes color, but that is beside the point. So far, they have had it for two or three weeks and have not found a way to destroy it. yeah, I never thought that was goign to be so difficult!

3 good eggs said...

I am so glad that it wasnt just my kids figuring out how to open up the Nuby. I love those cups but not when milk is spilled everywhere. They made transitioning from the bottle to the cup so easy.