My life with triplet boys that were born via donor eggs.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

One year blogiversary

Wow its been a whole year that I have been blogging! When I started I had every intention of keeping this about the boys but as the year past it became more and more about me with a little bit of the boys thrown in. So I am going to change the description to read, "My life with triplet boys who were born via donor eggs". The reason I keep hammering in the "donor eggs" part is that I want people who are curious about the process or possibly thinking that they may have to pursue it themselves to know that having a DE child is just like having a child born from their own DNA. There is no shame in using donor eggs and its becomming more and more commonplace for women who wait to have kids, or who have crappy ovaries like I did. From what I have read a lot of women are afraid to talk about it, for fear of being judged or condemned by their religous faith. I find that to be very wrong but I know it happens. I am very open about it and dont really care what others think. I wanted to have kids and now I do. Its just the way it had to be in order for me to become a Mom.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The showdown continues

The sippy cup showdown continues. Well actually I gave up. The boys worked together to make everyone miserable yesterday and I had a headache and couldnt handle any more crying. All I wanted was for them to stop crying. Ian did the best of the three. I dont think he cares one way or another about what kind of cup he has, he just wants his milk. Spence and Ollie dont like change and it was so ugly. Oh well I am going to just try to phase them in rather than them just going cold turkey.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sippy Cup Showdown

Oh man , its really ugly around here this morning. I dont think anyone has even tried to use the new cups. Spencer, as expected, was very upset this morning so I gave in. Yes I know that I am weak, but remember that I am not a morning person and I just wanted him to stop crying. He was happy but his sneaky brother, Ian, ran off with the cup while I was changing the other two boys, and opened the cup in his bedroom. I was so mad. Everyone cried including me. So I took the old sippy cup away and now I am standing my ground. No more old cups, just new cups, no matter how much they freak out. At least thats what I am going to try to do. Wish me luck.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The power of the tracker

Wow. I just looked up how people found my latest post and was very surprised. Apparently my use of the word Cricut snagged me two people from a Google search. Too bad it wasnt the Cricut people wanting to know if they could send me some free cartridges or some fancy Cricut tools to go with my new creativity machine. Maybe if I keep using the word Cricut they will be forced to advertise on my blog and that would earn me free stuff? Hmmm sounds like a great idea.

Ok enough about the glorious die maker. The boys are doing well. They are addicted to the Nuby brand sippy cups much to my dismay. They were great until the boys realized that they could push the top in and then dump the milk onto the carpet. It happened a total of 6 times today and I have had enough. I went out and bought two different brands that dont have silicone tops and these can be taken apart. Well until they can unscrew the lids. Lets just say that my new purchase did not make them very happy. Not much milk was drank at dinner or after. I know that in the morning its going to get ugly. Especially with Spencer. He likes his sippy cup that he can take apart and doesnt really like to change up his routine. I cant blame him for that, but sometimes there has to be an alternative to make Mom and Dad happy. Ian seemed ok and so did Ollie tonight but who knows what they will do when faced with the new sippys in the morning. Please, please, please, let them be good and drink out of them and not make this into a nightmare!!! Its 3 against one in the morning and I am not a morning person. So if you are a praying person, please pray for me. I know they will be alright, I just dont know if I will.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Buyer's Remorse

The other night I was out doing some shopping and preparing for my friend's baby shower. This is the friend that sucked me into the cult of scrap booking. Believe me it was no easy task. I poo pooed it for a long time. I was scared of the typical scrapbook stereotype. Not that my friend is like that at all, but honestly all the gadgets and creativity scared me. I knew it could be expensive and it required A LOT of tools. I started doing it in September and actually really love it. I have amassed many tools and lots and lots of paper. The night that she took me out to help me pick out a book we went to Walmart and bought a few things. I was looking at everything and noticed this fancy machine that could make die cuts. Ohhhhh that would be very cool to have. But the price tag was kinda outta my range and I thought to myself that I needed to make sure I liked doing it before I start thinking about buying this thing.

I digress, I was shopping and bought some more things for the baby shower and came home to wrap them and then go to bed as I knew that Saturday would be busy. I started wrapping the bouncy seat and realized that I didnt have enough wrapping paper. Damn!! I had to go back to Walmart. I was already in my pjs and I was tired. It was only 9:20. Fine, I put on some respectable pants and threw on a sweatshirt and off I went. I found a cute gift bag that matched the wrapping paper and I was going to the freezer section to buy DH some ice cream. I purposely did not go down the scrapbooking aisle. On my way to the refrigerated section I just happened to pass by a display of the Cricut, not just any Cricut, but the big new Cricut that I had checked out a week prior at a scrapbooking store and was now in love with. I had to have it, right then and there. I called DH, because it was a major purchase and I wanted to make sure he hadnt bought one for me already for my birthday. Silly to think that he would buy something ahead of time but I had to ask. He didnt sound thrilled but I didnt care. I bought the damn thing. I was so excited I called my pregnant girlfriend and squealed into the phone! The lady behind me was so giddy we laughed like little school girls. "Wow this is so much cheaper here than at (insert store name here)" said the non scary scrapbooking lady behind me. We both put one in our carts and quickly left the area so we could get home and open it up and start creating. DH was lucky that I remembered to get him some ice cream. :)

When I got home, still very tired, but excited, I opened the box and then got scared. I couldn't believe that I bought it and was having a hard time justifying the purchase. I kept thinking about all the projects and things that I could make for the boys and how much it will save me when it comes to scrapbooking supplies. In the box it stayed for the night. Although I did call my Mom and tell her and she got excited to. I am making a scrapbook for her of the boys. That night I dreamed of die cuts. Oh the fun I could have. The fun my scrapin crew could have. In the morning I still had buyers remorse. I could buy 96 gallons of milk with the amount of money that I spent on it. You know me, the practical triplet Mom, who couldnt accept an $180 purse.

So I went to the shower, which was a lot of fun. The pregnant friend was happy so that makes me happy. I had a good time but at the end I was exhausted. She coudnt fit her travel system in her car because it was filled with presents and kinda bulky so I offered to bring it by but only after I went to Michael's crafts to buy some cartridges for my damn Cricut machine. There were half price and yesterday was the last day. I know, I know, I go from buyers remorse to buying more stuff to go with it! I am such a silly girl. I arrive at Michael's to find that all the cartridges are out of stock and I could get a rain check. Fine, great, whatever. Buyer's remorse creeps back in. On the drive to her house I figure that I might keep it but was really thinking about taking it back. Hung out for a while and then helped bring in the gifts and went home to some very cranky kids. After they went off to bed I got the Cricut out and put it together and started cutting, and cutting, and cutting, and playing with the features. Man I am addicted! Screw buyers remorse. I cant wait to get those cartridges from Michael's in next week! :)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

74 degrees. January 6, 2008

Ian running around the front yard.
Ollie steering the rocket ship.

Spencer and Yu Shan.
As you can see we were out playing in the very warm January weather. Its funny a few day earlier is was 8 degrees out. Strange weather these days.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Random Thought

Since the ice cream is now safely frozen in the new freezer downstairs, I have been thinking about putting up an ice cream cone dispenser so I dont have to haul the ice cream to and from the basement. Would save some time and definetly be very handy! :)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The big freeze

The other day I bought some ice cream that both DH and I like. Normally I only buy what I like because I hate to go to the freezer and not see the ice cream that I bought only days earlier. Anyone with a man living in their home knows exactly where this is heading. Anyway last night I went bulk shopping for milk, bread, and fruit. I asked DH to put the new bread in the freezer and he came back with a sad look on his face. He told me that the new ice cream that I bought was thawed and so was the bread that was already in the freezer. Uh oh. You know where this is heading. Luckily since its been very cold here and in the single digits at night the other perishables were still in tact. I think I neglected to tell you that the freezer/refigerator is in the unattached garage. Normally I dont go out there unless I need milk or to find something to thaw for dinner. Twice last year we lost power for several days and had to replace everything. It sucked. So you can see my panic. I went out there this morning and pulled out some chicken and then touched the other frozen foods and everything seemed in tact. Dh got the idea to put a thermometer in the freezer this evening to see exactly where we stood. No more wishful thinking that it would come back on and work again when it warmed up. Silly I know but its just the way I work. He came back with more sad news. It was time to get it fixed or buy a new fancy freezer to store everything. I opted for a new fancy one. We had been talking about buying one forever and now it was time. Dh and I started making plans on borrowing the truck from the inlaws. He calls his parents and then the games begin.

Now, if you know me, you know that I am not really a fancy kinda girl. Yeah I like nice things but they have to have a practical purpose to be worth the investment. I always shop around for the best price and take time to think about what I am buying and if its really necessary. Well, ok, most of the time I am that way. I have on occassion bought something that I dont need and cant really afford but since I have had the boys those days are very few and far between. Having said all that, for Christmas the MIL gave me two very expensive (for me) gifts that arent really practical and I promtly took back because I could use the money for something else, for or diapers. But of course she paid with her credit card and I got store credit, which I guess isnt that bad. The reason I mention all this is because tonight the inlaws gave us a hard time about buying a freezer at Sams for $177. The MIL bought me a purse that cost $180!!!! What the hell am I going to do with a nice fancy designer purse? I need something practical that if it gets dirty or puked on its no big deal. She also bought me a sweater, which I would never have worn because of its hideousness, that cost $120. Hello!!! I am the Mom of triplets that barely gets to leave the house except for shopping trips to Walmart, Schnucks, and Target. So you might be saying to yourself, awww those are nice thoughtful gifts. STOP RIGHT THERE, and remember who I am. Practical Mother of triplets. And of course dont forget that I am kinda funky and dont really go for all the designer things and she knows that. Wait, I do have a point.

DH called his Dad when we were done feeding and bathing the boys. I could tell by the phone conversation that he was getting questioned. "Did we know that the freezer would make our electric bill go up by a dollar everyday?" "When did we decided to buy said freezer and where are we going to put it?" "Did we really need one and why cant the one in the garage be fixed." I will answer the last question first. First of all, its none of your business what kind of major purchases we make. Secondly, if we dont get some sort of freezer tonight we will lose all the frozen food by tomorrow afternoon because its supposed to be around 50 degrees. Thirdly, its none of your business!!!! And lastly, DUH we know that the power bill will go up. Ameren IP made sure that everyone, everywhere in the state of Illinois knows that no matter what they do their power bill was gonna skyrocket. The sticker on the side of the freezer said that it was a very efficeint model that would cost $25 a year to operate. And dont think I didnt mention that when we got home.

J.H.C., DH and I are almost 39 years old and we have a family, we arent young kids who are buying some outrageous thing that we cant afford that we will only like while its trendy!! Kill me now.

The freezer is now downstairs in the basement working its freezing magic as we speak. Too bad Dillards doesnt sell freezers, we could have paid for it with my return merchandise credit. Yeah right, impulse purchase my ass.