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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


See I am not the only crab ass in the house.

I went to my favorite ob/gyn today and had a wonderful appointment. Seriously. I love her and she is just great. Anyway she totally listened and agreed that I am most likely on my way to menopause and that the endo is acting up again. She was surprised that it took this long for it to come back. I kinda am to. I was hoping that it would never come back. It is possible to be in perimenopause and still have active endo. Those damn implants produce their own estrogen that keeps them alive and kicking. Bastards. Anyway, she ordered labs and did a pap. I have to say that I didnt even realize when the pap was over. She is that good. It didnt hurt at all. She has done all my 7 surgeries and we laughed at my lone scabbed up ovary was still trying to work. So she is no hurry to do anymore surgery and understands why I cant just do it right now. We both know its in the cards and when the time is right then it will be done. I am starting on a new pill called Yaz. I didnt realize that it is not only a birth control pill but also treats premenstrual dysphoric disorder. I am so glad that she picked that one!! I have been so overly emotional and down right irrational lately.

Last night I picked a fight with DH about the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Why?? Well I am not sure. But we differ greatly on politics and of course I blamed a lot of dear old GWB. I said that I thought that Katrina and its mishandling is going to be a hot button issue in the next election. DH kept saying that GWB couldnt be re-elected (which I already know cause i have a bachelors in political science, duh!!) and it was a non issue. Plus he doesnt control FEMA. To which I went ballistic and gave my points about how he failed to put a competent person in charge of FEMA and how corrupt the Republican party is and so on. DH kept saying that GWB couldnt be re-elected over and over. Finally I had enough, cause I didnt vote for the horrible man, and told DH to "SHUSH!!!!!" He got so mad and I just wanted to be left alone. Its all so silly and kinda comical now but last night I wanted to do bodily harm to him. So it was good that I told her the story and we laughed and she prescribed Yaz. She knows me all too well......

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