My life with triplet boys that were born via donor eggs.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Some good some bad


Tonight Spence took a few steps from the table to me. I am not sure if it was the momentum that kept him up but he did it!! He has been standing in the middle of the room for about 20 seconds by himself. This latest accomplishment was all done with the MIL in the room and she didnt even notice. Which is a good thing for Spencer. He needs time to develop his skills before she starts in on him. When Ian was starting to walk she kept him moving all the time and when he would cry she would tell him to stop and start walking. DH and I are more of the thought that we would let him do his thing and figure it out on his own. Even when he started walking we didnt do anything to "help" him. Just let him do it and now he is a walking fool. Even if he does walk like Frankenstein. :)

I am still in a pissy mood. For the last two night the in laws have been here. I wanted to kill someone tonight so I just left. When they got here she suggested that I go out to dinner by myself. WTF?? That started it and I wasnt backing down. Everytime I leave them to feed the boys dinner they wake up in the middle of the night and are hungry. So I stayed until they had been fed and corrected her while she tried to coax Spence into eating the cheese on his tray. She even went as far as forcing it into his mouth which made him cry and made me furious. I told her that she shouldnt do that and of course as always she did it again and I corrected her. Then he got sweet potatoes on his nose and she had to wipe him immediately. I told her not to do that and leave him alone, she did it again and this time I said "I told you to leave him alone" she just looked at me with a stupid look on her face.... God please help me from killing her. She still thinks of the boys as little babies, which they are not. She insists on doing things the same way when they are changing and doing things their way, so they are becoming toddlers. Spencer doesnt want anyone holding his bottle which I love. She still thinks he needs to be cuddled while feeding. WRONG!! She does the same thing to Ollie and he just stops eating and pushes her face away. Tonight he did that and I told her to sit up with him on her lap and give him the bottle that way. She said that she did that and he still wasnt eating, which was so wrong. "he isnt hungry" which I know is not true. He likes to be on the floor and sit up and drink. Once she finally listened he did drink. At that point I knew that I was about to lose it with her and I went to the garage and told DH that I was leaving, which I did. I hate that she gets me so pissed that i feel like I have to leave my own house to keep from starting world war 3. The FIL was in the basement working with DH. DH called me around 8:05 to tell me it was ok to come home.

Oh speaking of the basement it is coming along and we are about to paint and then comes the carpet!!! That means that we are almost done.

I feel better just getting that out. I am trying to get out of this cranky funk that I am in. I need an attitude adjustment!! Any suggestions?

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