My life with triplet boys that were born via donor eggs.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Amazingly the boys got approved for Synagis again this year!! I am actually kinda shocked about it. I was really thinking that they wouldnt qualify. Even our ped said that she didnt think they would qualify but it was worth a try. She just called me and said that this deserved a personal call from her. She is so great! I like her (before the Synagis approval) and love the way she handles the boys and takes care of DH and me.

After I called DH I called our nurse, Beverly, who came out to give the shots last year. A few weeks ago I called her and told her that I didnt think that the boys would qualify and said that I was sad that we wouldnt see each other. Funny how things turn out. She was shocked as well with the approval and very pleased that they will be protected. We talked about logistics of how we are going to separate them and keep them from rebelling against her and me. This year will be completely different since they are very mobile and will know whats going on. What I am afraid of the most is that they will cry whenever they see her come in the door! Poor Beverly. :)

I had planned to keep them on house arrest again this winter and use the same precautions as last year, much to the dismay of the MIL. I will never understand why its such a big deal to wash her hands after she comes into the house. Its just proper hygienic practice. Sheesh! I do plan on taking them to see Santa this year so I guess we will have to go and be the first in line on a slow day. At least she will be happy about that. Like I care......

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