My life with triplet boys that were born via donor eggs.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Miss Kim

Yesterday was OT and ST. I always love when they come. Actually it was the boys first "official" speech therapy session. I have to say that I love our therapist. She has so much energy and is very on top of the boys. Ian slept through the session, but he isnt the one who we are worried about. Ollie was the first to interact with Miss Kim. And boy did he give her a hard time. He doesnt want to do what anyone wants him to do unless its his idea. So it was a little rough. Then she took on Spencer. I have to say that I was very surprised that he responded so well to her. I think he might have a crush. He loved when she read to him, which is great because he doesnt do so well when DH and I read to him. He listened to direction!!!! I couldnt believe my ears when she would tell him to do something and he would do it. Too bad she cant move in with us. After a very positive session with Spence she went back to Ollie for some one on one time. He did better,he had to call her bluff the first time. I think he might have a crush on her as well.

I spoke to her about what happened with the Neo and she basically said that she didnt agree with her and thought that the boys are making progress, she had done an eval on them in April of this year and they had improved since. I was so thrilled to hear that. She also takes her kids to the same pediatrician who we both rave about and encouraged me to talk to her about the awful appointment with the Neo. I think I might have a crush on Miss Kim to! :)

Wednesday is their first Synagis injection. I have mixed feelings about it but I know that its the best thing if we want to protect the boys. I just hate that they feel crummy afterwards. At least DH will be home for the rest of the week so we can sleep in shifts if need be. Oh speaking of sleep the boys have decided that 4:30am is now their "normal" wake up time. That's just killing me. Is this normal? Are they teething? I hope it stops soon.

Oh and to Juliann and Eva you two were so great to offer me comfort and understanding, I thank you. I'm glad to know that there are people out there that understand and will extend a kind word and helping hand. This preemie stuff isnt always easy but we will somehow get through it together. Thanks ladies!!!!


McTriplet Mommy said...

Hang in there. The appointment with the neo sounds horrible!!! Our guys benefited SO much from all of their therapies - I'm sure your little darlings will take off soon. :)

As for the reading - the visual cracked me up! My boys are three now and just not even five minutes ago we tried to "read" a new dinosaur book that Lorne picked out at the book fair.... all three grabbing, screaming, "MY TURN!!!", flailing around on the floor... why don't we do this more?? :) I commented that the book was MUCH too old for them (it was a pop-up and therefore very delicate...) just to turn it over and have it say, "Recommended for ages 3 and up". I think that's if you just have ONE kid though. :)

I'm glad Miss Kim is so awesome!! We had a bad speech therapist - but we LOVED all of the other dozens of wonderful women who have helped the boys along the way!! :)

Take care,

McTriplet Mommy said...

Forgot to comment on the Synagis....

My boys got an absolutely unheard of three years of Synagis. They were born in September/October 2004 so they received the first years' in the NICU and through home health. The second year we brought them to the ped's (Lorne (23 weeker) was still on oxygen and I was near SURE we would "get it")) each month and the third year.... they had just started school and I was so nervous about all of the new germs. Lorne had JUST come off of oxygen not even a month before RSV season started so I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask for him at least... they all three got approved because of the childcare setting and their extreme prematurity!

No doubt - the shots stink, seeing the boys' faces *knowing* they're going to get shots sucks, dragging into the office once a month is terrible... but it is all SO worth it to have that extra added protection from something that can be SO dangerous to preemies.