My life with triplet boys that were born via donor eggs.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Choo Choo

Ok, sorry if I scared anyone with my last post. I was just so upset by my former ob's comments. I am better now and am not looking back!

The boys are doing great. They had their second Synagis injection last Thursday and DH and I were bracing for the cold that usually follows, but it hasnt shown up!!! Yay!!! This month we had to go to the peds office, because our insurance co. will not allow for home nursing anymore. Whatever! On January 1st we change insurance and hopefully they will let us have home nursing. But from what I hear United Healthcare is kinda stingy. Please, please, please, let them get the shots at home. Its so much easier and they are exposed to less germs here. Now dont get me wrong I know they have to be exposed to germs but not the nasty winter ones in the doctors office. I want to save those for another time...

Christmas was fun. The boys werent really interested in unwrapping the presents but were happy to play with the new toys. DH and I bought them a Choo Choo Wagon from Step 2. If you have mutliples and are sick of your stroller this wagon is the way to go! I know that they made a limited number of these but they are well worth the price. We have a total of 4 cars. All cars have seatbelts and the extra car is to put all the stuff that little boys require when going out. This thing is a lifesaver!

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