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Monday, February 4, 2008

Long time no blog.

I know, I know, long time no blog. No one has really been sick and I really dont have an excuse, well maybe I just didnt have anything to write about. I am pretty sure that's the reason.

Spencer went to see the ENT doc at Children's this past Wednesday. He failed a hearing test in December and he was referred to see one for a "mild" loss. I said he had fluid, the tech at the original test said it was more than fluid but not nerve damage. The appointment went well. He had a repeat audiogram and he does indeed have a VERY mild loss. I told the tech that I thought he had fluid, to which she replied, as she looked into his ears, "yes, you are correct." I only knew this because every time we go for a check up with our ped. she says that he has a small amount of fluid in his ears but it has never been infected. We waited forever, almost 2 hours, for the ENT doc, as there was an emergency in another room. When she came in we talked and she checked his ears and of course, as I said earlier, he had some fluid but not enough to make her recommend tubes right away. She was very interested in his continous sniffly nose and now he is on Nasonex for 2 months and then we go back.

Now dont start thinking that I am against tubes. Hell, the boys made it through the NICU, so Spencer can deal with tubes. I do hope that the Nasonex works, cause it kills two birds with one stone, you remember the runny nose that I talked about earlier. But if tubes are in his future then so be it. All I ask is that we are first on the surgery schedule so he doesnt have to go without something to drink all morning long. Let's face it, the boy is a Monster without his morning milk. And of course lets not forget that he is one who throws the best tantrums! But I must mention that the is one of the sweetest in the bunch. Its amazing how different he can be from minute to minute, kinda like a woman with PMS. HA!

Oliver has decided that he doesnt need to sleep all night long anymore. His new wake up time is between 3:30-4 AM. He doesnt want to go back to sleep and is ready for the day. DH and I have other plans. Its so much fun and reminds me of the days when DH and I took turns sleeping and then feeding three little infants. I had really hoped that those days were over but if you have read my blog for a long time you will see a pattern with each boy. Ian did this in late spring and early summer, Spencer did it later summer through late fall. Its just his turn I suppose. I'm not happy about it but hopefully it ends soon.

Ian is signing his little heart out. He signs "more" all the time but sadly most of the time we dont know what he wants more of. He is doing really well with Speech Therapy. I guess you could call him the star performer. I say he's a show off, but the ST likes the other term. Whatever. He is finally getting the last of his teeth in. I am pretty sure that 4 are coming in at once. He doesnt seem to mind.

There is some controversy stirring up with OT and ST. I like our speech therapist but I think she is trying to direct the boys care. The issues she sees with Oliver the occupational therapist doesnt see and she should know because they are sensory issues. I dont see the sensory issues either. I have spoken to the OT and made her aware of what is going on and we are on the same page. Next week she will do a sensory eval. I just dont see anything that the ST is talking about. Oliver gives her a really hard time and doesnt always want to do what she wants him to do, which is how he is with everything else in his life. So to her that means that he has issues. I think he may just not like her. She is very loud and demanding. Our OT is very sweet and gentle. ST was here when OT was last week and she commented on how non demanding OT was with the boys. Maybe thats what her motivation is? I am not sure but in time all will be revealed.

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Charity Donovan said...

Yay! Glad to see you are back! I was hoping the kiddos weren't sick. I'll keep sending positive thoughts your way that you get to "sleep in" again. I tell you what sleep is precious & I cannot wait until we are done with these night feedings! Soooo glad to hear you are a "Lost" fan as well. Catch ya later brotha...