My life with triplet boys that were born via donor eggs.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's time.

June 2nd I am finally going to have the surgery that I was told I needed since I was 25, I am now 39. Yep, thats right, I am having a total hysterectomy. It's time. I am tired. Tired of being in pain all the time, 24/7/366. Its so bittersweet. I wanted my old gyn to do the honor but she is gone. Its been a month now. It still doesnt seem real. I miss her. Tuesday her Mom, her friend S, and myself are going to clean out her room and donate her clothes. I think her husband wants us to take everything out of the room, including furniture, but not exactly sure. Her Mom is upset by this but I told her that we should do whatever he wants eventhough we think its insane. Whatever helps them move on and get some closure I am all for it. Tuesday things will seem real. I really dont want to do this but it needs to be done. Anyway, I saw the ob/gyn that delivered the boys a few weeks ago. She was so comforting during the csection that I thought she would be a good choice. Dr. Mc even remembered that I asked her to do the hyst then. She is very caring and spent over 45 mintues with me going over my history. She isnt Chris but she reminds me of her. She has asked the gyn oncologist to scrub in with her and assist. Now dont think I have cancer, this doc is good at removing things that shouldnt be in places that they are. I have lots of that going on. Just to give you an idea of how messed up things are, my ovary is adhered to my uterus and my colon. Good times! I am glad that she is trying to make this my last surgery to remove the endometrosis and my girly parts. I know that a hyst is not a cure for endo but having my uterus and ovary removed will be a huge help in aleviating my pain. Anything would be better than what I feel right now.

Boys are doing good. Ollie has finally decided that he can clap and wave bye. He is changing so quickly its amazing. Ian is talking more and more. He tries to say "tropical bird" because they show tropical birds in one of his dvds and he loves birds. Its so cute. Spencer is just plain wild. He is talking more and more and really changing quickly. He got a dinosaur that roars and walks. Well, I should say, they got it as birthday present. Spencer has decided that it is his. He is trying to roar like the dinosaur. Yesterday I gave him the choice of which pjs he wanted to wear, robots, spacemen or dinosaurs, what do you think he picked?? The dinosaurs!! Roooarrrr!!! Last week we had a meeting with their therapists and the reports were very good. Everyone is coming along well, they are still a little behind in some areas but are making excellent progress. That is all I can really ask for.


ReD said...

Hey, maybe the walking roaring dino will be the catalyst to spency becoming a paleontologist.

1+4+1 said...

Prayers for your surgery to go well.