My life with triplet boys that were born via donor eggs.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Spencer's big day

Tomorrow's the big day for Spencer. I think I am more worried about him than I am for myself in 22 days. Yes, I am counting down the days! I hadnt really thought much about the NICU experience in a while. But I cant help to think about it now. He will be intubated and will be put out for the tubes. That scares me. I suppose all parents feel helpless when their child has a surgerical procedure. I didnt think it would bother me much but it does. I know that he will be fine, or at least that's what I keep telling myself. It's a 10 minute procedure and is routine but he will be away from me for longer. I think the thing that scares me the most is that he wont be able to have any MILK in the morning. He can be quite the drama queen. We leave the house at 5:30am and should be back by late morning early afternoon or at least that's the hope. I just realized that no MILK for Spencer means no Diet Pepsi for me. Man its gonna be rough. I guess DH and I will have to take turns in the hallway away from Spence while we guzzle down a can or two of soda!! OMG! Pray for us! :)

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Charity Donovan said...

Hope Spencer came thru the "tubes" with flying colors! I'm sure he'll be feeling so much better from now on, so in the end it will be worth it I'm sure. But, that doesn't make today any easier! You'll have to have a gallon jug waiting for him w/ his name on it, poor little guy! lol!