My life with triplet boys that were born via donor eggs.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I've been a good girl

I dont know if its all the pain meds that I have been on latley but last night I had a nightmare about losing one of the boys. IT was so scary. I woke up with tears in my eyes and visibly shaken. The dream ended at the point when we finally found him. I was so upset and freaked out. Poor Ian, he had to be snuggled all day and night today. I have never had a bad dream about one of the dudes so this was really scary. I think I might be sleeping too much! :) Well at least I am supposed to lay down during the day and rest so I can recover from surgery. Today I started watching the last season of the FX show "Rescue Me" Its a great show and I wactched 3 episodes this afternoon, and cant wait for the mail to show up tomorrow and I get the next disc from Netflix.

I seem to be healing pretty well. I go for a follow-up on Friday with Dr. Mc Closkey. I think she will be very proud of me for doing what she told me to do and rest. Most importantly not to pick up the boys, which has been really hard on them and me. But I am following instructions with the hope that I will get some of my restrictions lifted. God knows I gotta get my driving privledges back. I dont feel stir crazy but would just like to get out by myself and do something I want to do. I want to go have a pedicure done so I was thinking of asking a friend to see if she wants one and then she could drive me. :) So Julia, if you are reading this, do you wanna go get a pedi anytime soon?? :) My toes are in need of some tlc. DH did his best by painting them but its just not the same. :)

Please take my poll. I am curious what people think and what they have done. If you have a strong opinion on what I should do please leave me a comment in the comments section. Or you can email me with your thoughts. 3goodeggs at gmail dot com.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely!!! My toes definitely need one! Hope you're doing ok, and hope to see you soon :)