My life with triplet boys that were born via donor eggs.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So I am sitting in a hospital room with an epidural in my back. Dont be concerned its a good thing. I am doing a pain trial to see if a pain pump would help my back and leg pain. So far so good. I would never have thought that a needle pumping morophine into my spine would help with the pain but I am for anything that helps. The hospital isnt too bad, the nurses are nice, and I love my doctor. You all remember Dr Lin right? He is great. The downside of the of the drug is that I itch all over. I am told that will go away with time. I sure hope so, cause its driving me nuts! I am here one more night and will be released tomorrow. If all continues to go as planned I will have a permanent pump implanted in two weeks.

The boys came up to visit last night. They had a ball with the room dividing curtains. Ian kept pointing to my IV and saying "Momma has a boo boo". Spence jumped in bed with me and was getting ready to snuggle in for the night. Ollie, I think wasnt real sure what was going on and gave me a couple of kisses. I am glad that no one put up a fight to leave. I actually got some really good sleep last night. Its amazing to me because sleeping in a hospital is never easy for me. Its loud in here and the nurses wake everyone up every 4 hours for vitals. The last nurse I saw was at 1230am and then I woke up to my old neighbor yelling his breakfast order into the phone. He is hard of hearing so his conversations have been kinda funny to listen to. Thank god he couldnt hear the boys they were so loud. I am in a room by myself, which is nice. Hopefully they dont move someone in tonight. :)

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