My life with triplet boys that were born via donor eggs.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Thanks President Bush

It's no secret that my MIL drives me crazy. Every Monday and Tuesday night until the middle of March she and the FIL will be here to "help" with the boys. DH has school. I really dread 4pm. I even warn the boys that SHE is coming. Today when I heard her roar up the driveway I turned on the dvr and played the Teletubbies because I wanted to drive her crazy. She doesnt really like Baby Einstein either but she is used to it so I wanted something new to aggravate her. Which in turn aggravates me more. What are Teletubbies? Where do they come from? What are they saying? Blah, blah, blah. After a while I ignore her questions. My other favorite question that she asks whenever there is a locomotive shown in B.E. "is that Thomas?" Please before you take issue with me being irritated with her she is an educated woman. She has a masters in special education, was a principal for many years, and retired from teaching 5th grade a few years ago. So she is not stupid, quite the contrary. But the most rudimentary things that seem like a no brainer to me she finds difficult. I dont really know how to explain it.

It's also the way she acts around the boys. If someone makes a noise then she has to make some comment. I talk to them all day long and hold conversations with them so its not like they arent spoken to. She has the way about her that makes me cringe. She thinks she knows better than me about my kids. Tonight Oliver didnt want to eat. FIL was holding him and he kept crying, but he didnt do anything different to make him stop. So finally I just took him and cuddled him, gave him some tylenol, and put him in his exersaucer. He had been clamping down on the nipple of the bottle which is a clear indication to me that he is teething. As soon as I leave the room, she tells Oliver that she knows he is hungry. I say fine, and give her back the bottle and he does the same thing. I put the bottle away. 15 mintues later she says to Oliver that she knows that he is hungry but since I took his bottle is out of luck. Why say things like that?? He didnt want his bottle, he wanted to be cuddled and held, not force fed. Give me a break. This went on for 2.5 hours. I didnt give in. The boys are on a schedule and we stick to it as best as we can so that they will not have the nighttime routine altered. When things arent done that way it gets ugly. Before you call me a control freak, dont. I am just trying to keep order in my house and its hard with three babies. It works for us. They dont have a set time to get up in the morning or take a nap but at 8pm its time for bed because Mommy needs a break!!

And of course the State of the Union address was on and I cant stand our President. I do support sending more troops to Iraq because we cant leave the country that we illegally invaded for a civil war to break out between the Shites and Sunnis. I dont however agree with his stance on the stem cell issue, and many more things. I think he is an idiot and has surrounded himself with idiots and I cant wait for the new election. I was very happy that they high tailed it out of here when it came on for fear of a political confrontation. They both voted for Bush and we dont see eye to eye on most issues. So thanks DUBYA for getting them out of my hair early tonight. I owe you one....


Miracles said...

I can sympathize with you. My MIL is no problem, it's my mother who seems to always know that my kids are hungry.
If they cry, they must be hungry. If they fuss, they must be hungry.
If they have a tantrum, they must be hungry.

I don't get it, but it sure is good to know I'm not he only one.

Casey's trio said...


I found your blog through a link from another.....I have triplet girls who were born at 25.1 weeks and are 18 months old now! Life is BUSY but fun. Hope to see more of your blog to see what life with triplet boys is like:)