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Friday, March 14, 2008

Emotional Contractor

Two years ago this week I was admitted to the antepartum wing of St. Mary's Hospital. I had been having contractions for over 3 weeks and had been evaluated in the Fetal Eval unit several times. It seemed like I was the girl who cried contraction because everytime I had an eval all was quiet. I felt my first true contraction at the wake of a dear friend in late February. I knew what it was and tried not be to too concerned and did what the phamplet from the maternal fetal practice said to do. I drank some water, laid down, and tried not to freak out. The next day was the funeral and I felt them there to. Things just went downhill after that. I asked to be put on bedrest and was told that things were fine. Ok, I believed my doc, and went on about my business. I started having contractions all the time but not when I showed up for an appointment or at the evaluation unit of the hospital. I was uneasy as how things were going and wanted someone to tell me to stay off my feet and not do anything. I didnt get that. But that's a whole other story.

Anyway, I guess you could say that I was an emotional contractor. When things got stressful I would contract. My bathroom was under construction and things werent going well. The FIL was involved and that always means problems. The MIL was up my ass giving me all sorts of trouble. Finally the new plumbing was going to be put in the bathroom and I was thrilled. Then the other shoe dropped. When the plumber was doing his thing and noticed that the floor had to be completely replaced. It was the beginning of the end. That night I had to stay at the in laws house because the bathroom floor was competely non existent. I was uncomfortable and very cranky and any extended amount of time that I have to spend with that woman makes me crazier and crankier. I had to get up several times that night to pee, like all pregnant women, and everytime, there she was in her house robe asking me if I was ok. For the love of GOD!!! That next morning I knew that I wasnt going into work, I couldnt stay there for fear of commiting homicide, and I couldnt go home cause there was no toliet and the workmen would be there constructing a new floor, so I did what any smart pregnant chick would do and I went to a motel for the day. The clerk gave me a good room with a recliner after I told her that I couldnt go home because of the lack of facilites and needed to sleep.

That afternoon I had an appointment and knew that something was going to happen. I wasnt prepared. My cervix had shortened and they could detect contractions. I was so upset. All this time I had told them that I was having them and it seemed like no one listened. Then bang, I am being told to go over to the hospital right then to be admitted. I cried and cried. I dont know if I was relieved or scared. I didnt want to be stuck in the hospital for the duration of my pregnancy but begrudingly I said ok, I will go but I want to go home first and get some things. I was strongly cautioned not to, I think for fear that I wouldnt return, but I went home, said a very tearful goodbye to my animals, packed up some things to keep me from going insane, and cried.

Stay tuned....

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