My life with triplet boys that were born via donor eggs.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Teething Monsters

I am totally exhausted. You are probably thinking then why is she writing this and not sleeping, well its cause I had too much Dr. Pepper and now am wired. The boys are teething. Not a big surprise, its just very trying on dear old Mom. I am sure they arent too keen either. The problem is that Ian wont go to sleep at night without me snuggling him into submission. Its been going on for about a week. I am so tired of him being up past 10pm. His bedtime is 8 on the dot and always has been. I am not sure if he is acting crazy because he is teething, or because he is very moblie and crawling all over everything, or is having a growth spurt. Whatever the cause its making me nuts!! He has also started with separation anxiety and I cant even walk out of the room without him freaking out. I am just thankful that the other two could care less if I were in the room.

I have considered buying a baby sleep book but am thinking that I will lose sleep trying to read it cause I can only read when they are in bed. Does anyone know of any good solid books that can help me quickly? I dont think most of the books I have seen apply to mulitples and seem to be unrealistic when it comes to dealing with sleep issues. Could it just be because he is teething or am I doomed forever??? Are the other two going to do the same thing and then no one will sleep again?

Come on top teeth push your way through those swollen gums and give me a break!!

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