My life with triplet boys that were born via donor eggs.

Monday, June 4, 2007

House of Whiners

Ok, so I am the head whiner. I am bitchy and not exactly sure why. The boys are also bitchy. I cant seem to make them happy no matter how hard I try. I guess the saying is true, that if Mom's not happy no one is happy.

Spencer came down with a cold and it seems to creeped over to Ollie, Ian and myself. Maybe thats why we are all crabby? Hmmm sounds like a good reason but I think it runs deeper than that. I really think that we are all bored. I know I am. The basement is under construction and the new playroom is on its way. Which is a good thing. I hope that DH can find a laptop for me so I wont be cutoff from my internet addiction. The boys have lots of toys down there and have to remain down there as the living room is way to crowded for anything else to be added. The boys are all teething and thats probably adding to their whineyness.

Motherhood feels so lonely. I didnt know it was going to be like this. I feel so cut off from my former life. Is this how everyone feels or is it just me? Dont get me wrong, I love my boys with all my being, but it just doesnt feel like I exist anymore. Where is that fun, witty, overly sarcastic person that I once was? Will she ever return?

Alright enough whining I have to go make the boys lunch.


Nancy said...

It's not just you. It is perfectly normal to feel alone...even though your house is more crowded than it ever was. It's funny how before babies, when you had the house to yourself you never felt lonely isn't it?

I always tell people I work because I could a stay at home mom. Either Caitlyn or myself would end up in a looney bin for sure!

Hang in there! Hopefully the yoga class will help.

3 good eggs said...

Thanks. I think its getting better but maybe I am too tired to whine anymore... :)