My life with triplet boys that were born via donor eggs.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Much better

Ollie and Great Aunt Laura
Ok so the fitness yoga class really did help. I am so sore but thats a good thing. I cant wait until Tuesday so I can go again. Hopefully I wont be so stiff next time. :)

Tonight DH and I took the boys to see Great Grandma and her sister, Great Aunt Laura before she left to return to Phoenix tomorrow. Aunt Laura is great. She is 93, still has cocktail hour, just recently sold her golf cart although still plays everyday, and is an all around wonderful woman. Its so funny to see two sisters in their late eighties and early nineties still bickering about things that happened when they were much younger. It makes me miss my sister who lives in Colorado. The boys had a great time and Ollie and Spencer went right down when we got home but Ian didnt want to go to sleep. Ugh. Normally he falls asleep on the ride home but everyone was carrying on and talking. At 9:30 I decided that we would go for another ride to see if he would go to sleep. I have never done this before and dont want to make a habit out of it but it worked!! He fell asleep quickly and is now comfy in his bed.

I am off to bed myself.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for visiting my photo blog... I will be posting more photos of our trip to the mountains! Soon, I hope. We are still trying to fit back into our old midwestern routine! I am sure being a mom of multiples too, you can appreciate that!

I enjoyied reading about your little miracles! I don't know if you have read/visited our main blog, but our b/g twins were 14 weeks early. We also battled with infertility, but were fortunate enough to have success with ovulation induction and IUI. I would love to hear more about your boy's journey into the world and how things are going.

Know that motherhood can be lonely, especially if your friends/family are not having babies too. Additionally, having preemies adds to that isolation since we worry so much about infections and breathing... things that are normally taken for granted. I have personally found some consolation here online, but it is hard sometimes.