My life with triplet boys that were born via donor eggs.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

MIL Rant

The MIL is up my ass again for whatever reason. She makes me nuts. I try to ignore her comments but sometimes its so hard. The other day we went to a garage presale, her friend's daughter was having one and told us to come over a few days early to see what we wanted. Fine whatever. We go. She picks out every f-ing toy and has to buy them for her house. I on the other hand pick out a few things that I know they will play with and leave it at that. As the girl was tallying the very large bill, the MIL starts looking through the clothing. She pulls out a soccer jersey and says, "DH used to play soccer and loved it." I replied, "I used to play varsity soccer in high school." To which she replied, "oh that doesnt count." Meaning in MIL speak that I dont have anything to due with the boys abilities and that I am just the donor Mom. F-ing bitch. I get so aggravated with her and wanted to call her out right then and there but didnt know how to get out of the neighborhood. I only wish she would make comments like that in front of DH. Yes, I know, I am very sensitive about this issue. I didnt realize that she was going to throw the donor thing in my face every chance she got. What the hell would she have done if we adopted? Then they wouldnt have a genetic link to her. It just kills me. I know I should just ignore her but it seems that this is the root cause of our power struggle. It needs to come out in the open so she can deny it and then realize that I am on to her and so is DH. If it does its going to get ugly.
On a funnier note, on our way to the presale, she had to use GPS. She kept arguing with the GPS saying that wasnt the right way to go. See what I am dealing with.....


Anonymous said...

For the life of me I can't recall how I stumbled upon your blog. But, anyway...I enjoy reading your posts!

Your MIL seems to be...uh...quite a piece of work. I can't believe anyone would say that your abilities don't count. You're better than I am, because I would NOT be able to keep my big mouth shut.

Tanya Siekman said...

I too used "3 Good Eggs" (donor eggs) when I was 47 and have Sam, Jay and Meg who will be three in October. My humble opinion would be to bluntly tell MIL that you will not tolerate her thinking or comments because a day is coming that your babies will understand. You, like me, are their Mother and their only Mother! .. and if she opts to get pissed off, more power to you! It will give you the upper hand and put her in her place! Sadly, if she wants to continue to be the Grandmother, she would have to do it your way or hit the highway ... with her GPS! ha~

Be Blessed,

ReD said...

man you should tell that b-ya off, be that bad-ass Christine I know and love!