My life with triplet boys that were born via donor eggs.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Babies in Straight Jackets

September 2006
This is one of my favorite pictures of the boys. They loved to be swaddled. I wish I could swaddle them now but they are much to big and strong to be held down by some flimsy blanket.
Everyone has a cold. Ian has an ear infection on top of it. I would say that he is on the mend as well as Oliver. Spencer is the one who got it last and is now suffering the most. DH and I both got it.
Work continues in the basement. This weekend a friend of ours came over and put in some new ducts so we would have air conditioning down there. Today I taped and mudded the dry wall. Everyone kept saying how hard it was and how they hated doing it. I, actually, dont mind doing it. Its kinda like icing a cake and I love to bake so its right up my alley. Tomorrow I will sand and then remud and then again on Tuesday. The FIL wanted to be here to show me how to do it, and as I thought its really not rocket science. He wasnt here and things went smoothly. The MIL was here watching the boys much to my dismay. Ollie puked on her. She claims that he was coughing and it came up. DH and I know better. He was the first up after the nap and she was bouncing him and then it happened. I dont think that woman will ever learn. I am very hostile to her and I find that this works for me. I dont ask questions and dont make small talk. Its better that way. Its funny she asks DH if I am mad at her when I am nice to her not whenever I am cold and pretty much down right rude. Strange but hey whatever floats her boat!

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