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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Formula Countdown

As you can see at the top of the page there is a count down for the end of formula! I cant wait to be done with it. I swear we have spent so much money. I am actually afraid to try to calculate it because it would be mind boggling. People always want to know how much formula we go through, how many diapers a day we go through, etc. So here it is. I mix a whole can of Enfacare preemie formula every morning. It makes around 86 oz. Some days we go through the whole thing, some days there is a little left over in case of a midnight snack. I have to say that Enfamil has a great program for multiples and they sent us 9 cases of free stuff, thats like $250 worth of formula. Which took 18 days to use. Now the diaper thing I dont really keep track of for the same reason. We buy our diapers by the case from Sams Club. Dh and I purchase 3-4 cases a month and sometimes Grandma and Great Grandma will bring us some. Which really help out. If I am done to one case I kinda start freaking out, which is so silly. I have to have my stockpile!!

I have been shopping around to see how much whole milk is going to cost. Walmart seems to be the cheapest by at least 80 cents. And it just so happens that a Super Duper Walmart just opened in my town last week. I really hate to leave my nice comfortable supermarket for Wally World but when it comes to feeding three, wait slash that, four hungry boys (DH included) it makes the most sense for the money. Plus, Yo Baby yogurt is $1.55 cents cheaper there than my much loved supermarket. I dont really like shopping there because it is a free for all but I found that by going at off hours, like late at night, it is much more pleasant. But for the life of me I cant understand why people have their small kids out at 11pm and hanging out at Walmart. Some probably dont have a choice, I know, but it just seems strange to me. Why arent these kids on some sort of schedule? That being said, we are on sort of a schedule. The only two things that are a sure thing during the day is naptime and bedtime. Feedings times vary throughout the day but are three hours apart depending on when they get up. They do get lots of little snacks inbetween mealtimes. Bedtime is always 8pm whether they are ready or not. Cause God knows that I am ready!!! :)

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