My life with triplet boys that were born via donor eggs.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Connecting in Denver

What is it with the flights from St. Louis to Denver? Everytime DH and I go through that lovely airport something gets messed up and we end up staying in the Mile High City for a night. Tonight DH is on his way to Silicone Valley in California for training for his new job. He took the latest flight he could so he could hang out with me and the dudes. He leaves at the scheduled time and then when I was coming in front putting out the trash he was on the phone. I asked him why he wasnt in the air and he said that he was on his way to Denver but the plane was leaking fuel and they had to return to STL. Thank God they noticed the fuel leak and came back safe and sound. Now the real problem is that he just barely missed his connecting flight in Denver. That flight was running late itself but had already departed the gate before his plane got to its gate. SHIT!! Now I dont know all of this for sure, I am just checking the handy dandy flight status checker on I sure hope that some how that plane heading to San Jose waited for him and that the flight checker is wrong. He is so tired and has a lovely cold that the boys also have. I am the only one who doesnt have it.....YET. I hope he doesnt have to stay in Denver for the night.

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