My life with triplet boys that were born via donor eggs.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Round one

I had the epidural steroid injection this morning. It was kinda weird that I wasnt nervous. I just wanted to get it done. The pain doc, Dr. L, was kinda grumpy but was professional to me, just not his staff. I did get a little scared when the fluoroscopy machine kept turning off and the radiology tech couldnt fix it, so then Dr. L couldnt see where he was injecting. But all in all I was relaxed and ready to get this first one over with. My right leg went numb, which was a welcome relief because its been hurting non stop for more than 6 weeks. I am a little sore at the injection site but I feel pretty good. Next injection is on Wednesday. I really hopes this takes care of the pain.


ReD said...

haha! You its true though. I keep my mouth shut....most of the time. ;-)

Charity Donovan said...

I miss you girlfriend! I hope all is well! Hope your are feeling better!