My life with triplet boys that were born via donor eggs.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


There is one thing that I have done throughout my life, when someone tells me what I cant do, I do it anyway. Today was no exception. I have been having back pain lately. Some very serious back pain that I have never felt before. I always chocked up the back pain as something to do with endometriosis, and I had been told that as well by several doctors. This started a few weeks ago. I had just been cleared by my gyn to go back to yoga class and I had no restrictions at all, even when lifting up the boys. I was all excited cause I needed a relaxing night at yoga class. Two days later I had some wicked pain in my lower back. The next day the boys went for their 2 year check up, 3 months late, better late than never I suppose. Anyway in the office I went to pick up one of them and my back spasmed. I had not ever had a back spasm before. I thought little about it at the time but that evening it got worse. So I went to an urgent care place to have someone check it out and give me some muscle relaxers. X-rays were taken and the doc told me that I have probable spinal stenosis and sciatica. Fine, whatever, just give me something to stop the spasms. Two days later it wasnt any better. I called my doctor. He sent me for a CT and physical therapy. CT came back with mild spinal stenosis and bulging discs. Oh joy!! I thougth I was done with this pain thing. I am now being referred to a pain specialist for some epidural steroid shots. I just want this to pain to stop going down my leg!!

After having the hysterectomy done in June, I took a lot of crap from the MIL. I wasnt supposed to do this, or that. But she didnt know what my restrictions were, she just wanted to boss me around like usual. I took it, I was weak and recovering. After 4 weeks of her being in my house and taking care of the boys I couldnt take it anymore and I lied and said I had no restrictions. I wasnt supposed to be picking up the boys but I knew that if she spent one more day in my house that something bad would happen. She had to go. The first morning that she didnt come, Ian was sitting in the window waiting for her. He turned to me and said, "Gahma come?" I said that she wasnt coming today and he turned to me and clapped his hands and said "YAY!!" So I know it wasnt just me that needed a break from her. So fast forward to today. She has no idea what my restrictions are or even if I have any. DH and I went to see Batman and went shopping. We had lots of stuff in the car and I brought some in and she told me that I should sit down and that I shouldnt be carrying anything. Ok, fine, you might want to say, "ahhhh that was really sweet". Stop right there! It wasnt a sweet moment. It was her trying to tell me what I can and cant do. So I turned around and went out to my car and grabbed the bulk toliet paper pack, batteries, and anything else I could get my hands on and brought it into the house. DH knows not to tell me what I can do, he just lets me decide and when I tell him I cant bend over one more time, he believes me and takes care of it. Why does she think she is in charge of everything in my life? You would think that she would get tired of trying to boss me around when I do what I want anyway. Man that woman makes me nuts.

P.S. My only restriction is not to inflict bodily harm upon her. :)

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Charity Donovan said...

I think it's law that mothers of boys have to have crappy bossy MIL's. That way when we have DIL's we'll behave ourselves! lol! Oh MIL has 3 boys so there goes that theory! HUUUUGGGGS! You best get to feeling better don't want her to have to stay again do you? =) Huuuuugs!