My life with triplet boys that were born via donor eggs.

Monday, May 19, 2008

13 days and 14 hours

So the real countdown has begun. I have been thinking on and off about surgery but it didnt really hit me until this morning when I had to make a conscious effort to remember to not take anything with ibuprofen or aleve. I have said before that I live in chronic pain and those two meds are some of my best friends. They keep me sane. Now dont think that I dont have any other pain relief, because I do, its just that the ibuprofen in combination with vicodin kicks endo's ass! V alone doesnt do quite such a good job. But at least I can somewhat function. I think this is by far the worst part of the pre-surgery regime. Now there is the dreaded bowel prep that is coming the day before surgery but it aint that big a deal. I say that now, but it really isnt that bad. Or at least that's what I told DH before he had a colonoscopy a few months back. He wasnt too thrilled about it but luckily everything went fine and he doesnt have to do it again for at least 5 years. Me, on the other hand, am an old pro at the prep the day before surgery. I have done it so many times that I know what the best method of achieving the evacuation will be. I was just lucky that my gyn likes the same method and it doesnt involve drinking a gallon of nasty tasting stuff, just 12 oz of lemony flavored stuff that can be bought at any pharmacy over the counter and the best part is that its CHEAP, less than $2!!! There is nothing worse than having to pay for overly priced laxative that makes you want to barf after chugging down a glass every 20 minutes for hours on end. I put it in the freezer and get it real cold and then use a shot glass and stand over the sink and pretend that I am doing lemon drop shots. It doesnt exactly taste like lemon drop shots but it works. I wonder what would happen if I added a little vodka to it? I am allowed to have clear liquids that day and they didnt say anything about not drinking liquor. Hmmmm.

I have been making meals for the freezer. So if anyone out there has any suggestions for meals to freeze please forward them to me or give a link. I made a mexican lasagna, sloppy joes, meatloaf, and hamburger patties this morning. I also made some banana bread, one is in the freezer and the other wont survive until the morning! For some reason the boys stopped eating nanas and I keep buying them. Oh well, the bread is good and very easy to make. I am going to make some chicken dishes tomorrow and hopefully will have a freezer full of food that can be easily heated up in the oven later when I am recovering. If left to the other option of eating the MIL's food DH and I might lose a lot of weight because her food sucks! DH is all for me freezing ahead of time. He says it was no accident that he was ultra skinny throughout his young life. She makes lasagna and its just gross, but that's a story for another post.

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Charity Donovan said...

You are going to do great! I have to admit that I am a little worried about you going back into that hell-hole hospital of ours, but I know you'll be IN CHARGE!!! lol! Hey, I think I found that yogurt you mentioned at wal-mart??? Is it Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt? They had blueberry, vanilla & plain.