My life with triplet boys that were born via donor eggs.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

5 more days

Today I went to St. Mary's for some pre-op testing. Just lots of blood and they gave me some antibacterial wash that I am supposed to use for two days prior to surgery. I dont know what's in it but it smells kinda icky! If that's the worst thing I have to do then I shouldnt complain.

Today was also DH's last day at his old job with the ob/gyns at St. Mary's and we brought the boys by to say "hello". Our last stop was in the NICU. One of my favorite nurses that the boys had, her name is Kelly, was there. We cant hug because of germs but we were so excited to see each other. She was so much fun to have around and always kept me calm when something was going wrong. She is an awesome nurse, anyway I told her that I would be on the floor and hoped she would come down and say "hi" after my surgery. She said she would and would bring the posse of my other favorite nurses. We didnt get to see all of our favs because they werent there so hopefully I will get to see them next week. The most interesting part of stopping by the NICU was that a set of quads had just been born and the Dad was there washing his hands and turned around and just said "WOW!!" when we rolled in. I really dont think he has any idea what has just happened and how much his life is going to change. He was very nice and I gave him my number and told him to call me or have his wife call. He was so cute, all doe eyed. Mom of the quads rolled in on her gurney and I said hello and told her to call me if she had time. Those first days in the NICU can be so scary. Well the whole NICU experience can be scary. Hopefully it isnt too scary for them and that its a short stay.

I've been busy cooking and preparing the house. Tomorrow I am making chicken marsala and a few other things. That is if the boys are in good moods and will not require my undivided attention. I am getting kinda nervous about the surgery because of the boys and how life is gonna change for a while and i wont be around much. I worry mostly about my snuggle bunny Spencer cause he like to snuggle lots with his Mommy. Not sure how Ian and Ollie are gonna react butI hope it isnt too tramautic for them. I know its gonna be hard for me not to be around them but as I get better it will be easier on everyone.

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Charity Donovan said...

Don't worry too much about your boys. For all it's worth your MIL did raise your husband & he sounds like a pretty awesome guy so hopefully it won't be too bad for them. I know you'll pull thru awesome & feel so much better once you are home! I laughed when I read about the "new dad x 4". I don't think any of us REALLY get it until our little ones are home. I'll be praying for them. Let them know they can call me or write as well if you talk to them. TAKE GREAT CARE WOMAN...& let us know how you are doing on here as soon as you are able!!! If you see Joanie give her a HUGE hug from me! I'll be thinkin' of you & the boys!