My life with triplet boys that were born via donor eggs.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Routine Change

There has been talk of a routine change with the boys while I am recovering from surgery. Now if you read this blog regularly you know that I like the routine we are in and am only open to suggestions from DH. Any changes made by my MIL is not an option. EVER!! I know I might be a little nutty about this but I believe that routine is good and helps the boys know what to expect day after day. I am flexible about times but not about changing naptimes or locations. It just seems silly to me. So early on in the discussion of the possibility of me having surgery the MIL asked if the boys therapy could be moved around to different times. I, of course, said NO. If the therapists want to change therapy times then fine I will accomodate them, its no big deal. But to change because she doesnt want to be here 3 mornings a week so the boys can have therapy is not going to happen. I already warned the therapists that she had been talking about it and if she mentioned it to them or tried to change anything to call me and let me know. I will be here to sign the progress notes so I can stay up on their therapy after the first week of recovery. So thats not up for discussion. The other thing is that she wants to take the boys to her house every afternoon so I can have some "quiet" time. Whatever, I can see through that it a second. But I asked DH if that would be a problem for him and he said it would be because then he would have to cart them home everyday and bring them into the house by himself. Which is a chore, let me tell you. She wants to make dinner every night and eat at her house. So am I being unreasonable? I dont mind if a few times they go to her house but not every day. My fear is that they will expect to go out every day after I have recovered. Plus I want to be able to be around them as much as possible. I am the main caregiver and they arent used to Mom not being around. The MIL has made it very clear that she doesnt want me coming out of my room because the boys will want to be with me. WHAT?? Of course they will want to be with me, I am their Mom. So you can see what I am dealing with. What do you think? Should I allow the routine to be changed? Am I being inflexible?


Charity Donovan said...

Okay...I'm saying a big fat is why...Steve was off work for a couple of weeks because we had a massive amount of dr appts for the kids & ourselves. The routine went out the window & GIRL I AM PAYING FOR IT!!! Naps are all screwed up & they are wanting to sleep at strange times. They are SUPER crabby....don't do it!!! Just my 2 cents but us DIL's gotta stick together! Hugs!!!

1+4+1 said...

Guess I would say, try very hard to keep the routine. But, be open to changes if need be. Like you said, if Grandma wants to take the kids to her house, you might want to take her up on that for a day; considering how you feel that day.
yes, keep the appointments.
I hate for you to stress about not changing a thing because it's your MIL; when in this case, you might want/need to.
I love Confessions of a Pioneer Woman!
Hope you surgery goes well.

ReD said...

Generally when it's something that involves the MIL I'm on your side, but maybe a little lee-way in this situation might be called for. Not everyday certainly but a day here or there while your recovering couldn't be too horrible (knock on wood). I say play by ear, but that's my opinion.

3 good eggs said...

I love Pioneer woman and her photography and when she cooks. I made a few of her recipes and they are delicious! Ree is a great writer and is such a talented photographer.